yuko oshima image

This photo shows Yuko taking a bath. It looks like she is really having a great time and this was a good photo to use for the subject of the post. From www.bobx.com/idol/yuko-oshima.


It was reported earlier that current AKB48 singer and captain of Team K Yuko Oshima had to miss a few important events due to being diagnosed with the flu. These events were the Oshima Team K stage performance and a handshake event. But she sure seems to have an interesting life. On June 24, 2011, Oshima posted on her blog what was thought to be a nude photo of her. But the picture did not show any nudity. After a while, she uploaded another photo onto her blog and it turns out that she was just teasing her fans. She was wearing clothes after all. That’s a funny way to play a trick on someone. Let’s hope that Yuko recovers from the flu soon. I’m sure I will find out more about her condition when there is some new news. Get well soon Yuko!!

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