Megumi Kagurazaka Award Winning Actress


In Japan, there are plenty of people with the name Megumi. And Megumi Kagurazaka is another one of those people. This Japanese celebrity is an award-winning movie actress and a supermodel (gravure idol). Her last name is long and will be difficult for many to pronounce. Do not confuse her with Megumi Yasu, another supermodel and actress.  This Japanese beauty is also pleasing to look at having some of the best eyes and a curvy figure. This gravure model was also seen in a photo shoot with Arisa Oda back in 2005.

mgumi kagurazaka bikini
Actress Magumi Kagurazaka poses in a black bikini.
megumi kagurazaka hot bikini
Actress Magumi Kagurazaka (left) is pictured here with Arisa Oda (right) back in 2005 during a photo session.

About Megumi Kagurazaka and her career

Born on September 28, 1981 in Japan, she is known for starring in some of Sion Sono’s films. In fact, even more interesting is that Megumi married him on December 18, 2011, which was Sono’s 50th birthday. Megumi has starred in three of his films and her most recent role in his films in the one where it was made from a manga (cartoon style) to a feature film. This one is called “Himizu.” She met her husband through a friend in 2009 and their relationship got deeper when the filming of Guilty of Romance was going on. That movie was released in November 2011. Megumi also had a role as the wife of the main character in another one of his movies called Cold Fish released in January 2011. Megumi’s movie debut came in 2007 when she starred in Gakko no Kaidan. In 2012, she has had a somewhat busy year. She has starred in The Land of Hope. On March 4, 2012, Megumi won an award for best supporting actress at the 7th Osaka Cinema Festival for her roles in Cold Fish and Guilty of Romance. Kagurazaka has also starred in films such as The Incredible Truth (2013), Why Don’t You Play in Hell, and most recently The Whispering Star (2016).

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