Masami Nagasawa wins award for physical beauty

masami nagasawa japan today image
Masami Nagasawa seen in this photo has long hair. I agree with those who say that she is beautiful because she really is.

For all her success so far in her young career, Japanese actress Masami Nagasawa has another reason to celebrate. She won what is called an award for “unrivaled physical beauty” at the VoCe “2012 the Best Beauty of the Year awards ceremony earlier this year. This is according to Japan Today and they made it public by early February. This awards ceremony takes place each year and is organized by the women’s magazine VoCe. When she received the award, she told people in the audience that the secret to her success is because she bathes in nihonshu or Japanese rice wine. Nagasawa says that this tip was given to her by someone who started in the business before her and she puts it into practice. When she was younger, there were times where she could not always keep up a good skin care routine. Now, the actress says that she tries her best to look after her skin.

The 26 year-old actress was chosen as the image character for the fashion brand NATURAL BEAUTY BASIC last summer. The campaign focused on Nagasawa’s gorgeous legs and it also focused on adult beauty. And since we are now in the middle of summer it is worth mentioning that even last summer, the actress had a very busy schedule, starring in an education related drama called High School Entrance Exam. The drama featured Nagasawa playing the role of a high school teacher who returned to Japan after living overseas since her high school years.


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