Japanese actress Saki Aibu photo lingerie

Japanese actress Saki Aibu photo lingerie

japanese actress saki aibu

Japanese actress Saki Aibu photo lingerie short post and description is here!

For those of you that enjoyed the post about Japanese actress Saki Aibu from her 2004 photo shoot, here is another one from that same set. This one has the actress sitting down with one knee bent and she is smiling. She’s got some beautiful lips, that’s for sure! Saki Aibu, 30, is a surfing enthusiast. She is also famous for her relationship with actor Tomoya Nagase. The couple broke up in 2012 due to their busy schedules. Aibu began her career in 2003 and she is now signed to Box Corporation. Saki Aibu studied English in California from April through October 2013. She is not the only Japanese celebrity to do so. Former Morning Musume singers Makoto Ogawa and Aika Mitsui have also studied English abroad. Mitsui is doing so now while Ogawa studied English in New Zealand for 1.5 years after graduating from Morning Musume in 2006. Here is a preview of what Saki looks like in this short commercial:

japanese actress saki aibu photo lingerie
Saki Aibu photo Japanese actress.

Japanese Actress Saki Aibu Photo Lingerie and Profile

  • Date of birth: June 20, 1985
  • Place of birth: Hyogo, Japan
  • Her talent agency is Box Corporation.

In the year prior to this photo, this Japanese actress starred in Fuji TV’s Water Boys (2003). In that TV show, Aibu plays the role of Atsumi Hayakawa, an instructor that is preparing students for a synchronized swimming competition. Note: as of May 2016, Aibu got married to her non-celebrity boyfriend. As the photo shows, Saki Aibu can be beautiful dressed in anything!

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