Japanese Actress Aya Ueto Tribute


Japanese Actress Aya Ueto Tribute Part One

Here is a look at Japanese actress and singer Aya Ueto. This is a tribute to Japanese actress Aya Ueto. The actress or singer is so popular that she is rated as one of the most popular Japanese women that fans would like to go to the beach with. Of course, Ueto is not the only one that established popularity among the fans in this category.  At first, I did not really think that Aya Ueto was as beautiful as she looks now but she has turned into one of my favorite Japanese celebrities for sure along with Yoko Mitsuya from Saitama. Ueto has acted in TV dramas, drama series and movies. I will only be listing her full-length feature films.

Japanese actress Aya Ueto Filmography

  • Satsujinsha – Uragiri no kyoudan (1999)
  • Azumi (2003)
  • Install Insutoru (2004)
  • Azumi 2: Death or Love (2005)
  • The Perfect World of Kai (voice)
  • Sakura no Sono (2008)
  • Surely Someday (2010)
  • Thermae Romae (2012)
  • A Tale of Samurai Cooking: A True Love Story (2013)
  • Oshin (2013)
  • Thermae Romae 2 (2014)

There is so much to say about Japanese actress Aya Ueto. She has been involved in a few very famous photo shoots. One of them is when she released her 2013 calendar. In that calendar, she shows us her elegance, cuteness, and sophistication. The other famous photo shoot came in 2009 when Aya Ueto took part in that photo shoot for TIARA Magazine. That was one of her most elegant photo shoots and one that I will always remember. Note: images are from http://yui-life.com/gallery/v/aya unless otherwise noted. Ueto has released several photo books including September Fourteenth (2003) and Last Teen (2005).

In addition to her modeling work, Ueto attended a presentation event for Aoki Suit Retailer back in February 2012 along with her friend and actress Ayame Gouriki. However, Ueto took her fashion sense to a new high level when she appeared in a gorgeous black dress at a party for Giorgio Armani in November 2012.

Not only is Aya Ueto beautiful but she has the power and ability to make others notice her too. One of those people who noticed her is actor Hiroshi Abe. Abe and Ueto would go together to get foot baths prior to her marriage in 2012. Ueto liked Abe so much that she described his body as delicious! The then 29 year-old actress was present as the 24 hour radio personality for the 40th Annual Radio Charity Musicthon sponsored by Nippon Broadcasting in 2014. During the middle of the broadcast, it was said that Ueto’s voice started to sound like it was fatigued. She read messages from listeners in the audience. This was the second time that Ueto took on the role of radio personality. The last time she did this was back in 2006. She had to recite a total of 9 three-minute scripts. She was very strict on herself saying that she had failed as a professional because her voice became fatigued. The broadcast took place on Christmas Day. Ueto said that she thought she would be so tired that she would want to sleep when she got home but that she did want to do Christmas activities. Ueto is now married to EXILE front man HIRO. She married him on September 14, 2012 which was also her 27th birthday. Ueto is one of the hottest actresses along with Saki Aibu, Mao Inoue, and Atsuko Maeda.

Aya Ueto is also a solo singer. She has released 5 studio albums. They are:

  1. Ayaueto
  2. Message
  3. Re:
  4. License
  5. Happy Magic Smile Project


In April 2015 it was being reported that Aya Ueto is pregnant. This news came as the actress was in the middle of shooting for the TV Asahi drama called I’m Home. The drama is scheduled to start on April 16, 2015. Ueto had said that she wanted to become a mother before she reached the age of 30. As of this writing, she is 3 months pregnant. When she was a teenager, she dreamed about becoming a nurse. However, with her entry into the entertainment industry, this did not happen. Ueto did obtain a child care license because of her love for children. After the filming of I’m Home is complete in June 2014, she will go home and be on maternity leave depending on what her condition is.


Japanese actress Aya Ueto becomes a mother


I wrote earlier that it was first reported that Japanese actress and model Aya Ueto was pregnant. Ueto announced also that she wanted to become a mother before she reaches the age of 30. Ueto was one of the most beautiful Japanese women under the age of 30 when I began to read about her life back in 2011. But her dream of becoming a mother would be a reality for her! When she was asked by a reporter if she would prefer a boy or a girl, Ueto simply said that she would not mind what the gender of the child is as long as the baby is healthy. Ueto made the announcement about her pregnancy through her agency Oscar Promotion. Ueto gave birth to a baby girl. Even though her daughter’s date of birth was not given, we will assume that Ueto gave birth to her before reaching age 30.


People will always search for stories about celebrities and some celebrities get more attention than others. For instance, former AKB48 member Atsuko Maeda made news at the end of 2012 when she was the top searched celebrity in Japan. I first wrote about Aya Ueto back in 2010 when I discussed some of her movie appearances. She has come a very long way since then.


In an incredible act of kindness and generosity, Ueto went to Miyagi Prefecture after the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan back in 2011. She helped out by cooking soba and rice for the people that were affected by the tragedy. Initially though, Aya had went there to deliver clothes and other supplies for the people there. But she took it one step further and because of her big heart, many people’s lives were improved for the better. Ueto has made it public that she loves to work with children. So when she helped out those people in Miyagi, that act shows her kindness and caring.

japanese actress aya ueto tiara magazine
Here is one more photo of Aya Ueto from that Tiara Magazine photo shoot. The dress with its different colors is beautiful, amazing, and hot! Aya Ueto should be on an exclusive list of the world’s most beautiful women!


Aya Ueto has acted in dramas and movies, done humanitarian work, starred in commercials, and even released her own calendar. The only thing she has not done is posed in a bikini or swimsuit but it doesn’t matter because she is still one of the most beautiful women in the world!



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