Aibu Saki in Sabra Magazine photo shoot

Aibu Saki in Sabra Magazine photo shoot

saki aibu sabra magazine

Profile of the beautiful  Aibu Saki (Saki Aibu)

  • Birthday: June 20, 1985 (age 30)
  • Place of birth: Hyogo, Japan
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
aibu saki sabra magazine
Here is the first shot of Japanese actress Aibu Saki.

In this 2008 photo shoot, actress Aibu Saki (then 23 years old) shows a certain sophistication here which is different from her sexy, seductive image that she usually tries to present. This multi-colored dress with an open top half really suits her very well. She still is very beautiful don’t you think so?

This really beautiful Japanese actress  made an appearance in the popular men’s magazine Sabra in 2008. Just four years earlier, the actress had appeared in a sexy photo shoot in which she showed her sexy and seductive figure in different types of clothing. These ranged from bikinis, to lingerie and even regular dresses.

aibu saki image
Here is an even better photo of Aibu Saki as she puts on a nice smile for us.
aibu saki beautiful pic
Aibu Saki still showing that even in a dress, she can still be very beautiful.

It was back in April 2013 that Saki’s agency reported that she would be enrolled in a short-term study abroad program where she would study English through October 2013. And then, late in 2015, there were reports as to whether Aibu was getting married or not. Even though her agency Box Corporation denied the reports, she got married in May 2016 to her non-celebrity boyfriend. She is known as Saki Aibu outside of Japan.

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