Yui Okada:V-U-DEN Singer Model


Photo of Yui Okada


yui okada
The beautiful Yui Okada from 2007. She shows in this photo that she can be as beautiful as any celebrity in the world!
  • Date of birth: December 28, 1987
  • Place of birth: Osaka, Japan
  • Height is listed at 158 centimeters
  • Her blood type is A.
  • In her spare time, Yui Okada enjoys shopping, doing manicure, listening to music and watching movies.

Who is Yui Okada?

Yui Okada is a very beautiful singer that is best known for her time spent in the group called v-u-den.That group also had the singers Rika Ishikawa and Erika Miyoshi. Okada is also a bikini model that has spent time with Miyoshi. Okada was also a member of the unit called H.P. All Stars and the kickball team called Metro Rabbits H.P. I’ve known about Okada for a while so that’s why I’m writing about her. She is now studying beauty and fashion. In 2006, Okada joined the kickball team called Metro Rabbits H.P. That team has members from Morning Musume. Among the members that joined the team are:



Erika Miyoshi joined Okada on this kickball team. However, v-u-den would have a short-lived career as it was announced that the unit would be disbanding after their summer concert tour in 2008. Okada would continue to be a member of Hello! Project until the entire Elder Club graduated in March 2009. Elder Club was a Hello! Project concert unit that had several members in it including the beautiful Erina Mano! Around this time, Okada appeared on the shows Elementary School Textbook Quiz and Adrena Garage (July 2009).  In December 2009, Okada performed two live shows with Miyoshi. Okada released a solo song on April 23, 2008. It is called Saigo no Natsuyasumi (The Last Summer Break). Okada is left-handed. She is a very good friend of Erika Miyoshi and appears very often on her blog. Okada translated the lyrics of the song Bye Bye Bye! to the Kansai dialect. The lyrics were then read on a radio show by Erika Umeda and Maimi Yajima. That song is by the girl group called C-ute. Okada is one of the most beautiful singers that has been in the entertainment industry and she has one heck of a bikini body! The photo gallery above is a series of beautiful photos of Okada from 2006 and 2007. Image source: http://www.hello-online.org.

In June 2010, Okada announced that she would be leaving her agency Up Front Promotion to study beauty. In 2011, she signed with Grace Agency and began to work as a supermodel and race queen. And in April 2013, she started her own clothing brand called Ivora.

Okada has released three photo books. They are:


  1. Hello!x2 Miyoshi Erika & Okada Yui from v-u den (2005)
  2. I DOLL (2006)
  3. Yui Okada Hello! Project 2007 Winter Concert
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