Lee Hyori is getting married!

lee hyori image
Lee Hyori is showing her sexiness in this outfit. It is no wonder why she is considered to be South Korea’s top sex symbol. great body!!

Korean pop singer and actress Lee Hyori.

Thoughts of positive thinking were present during this past holiday season. And they are present now as I have discovered more content that I can post for my readers. Korean pop singer Hyori Lee has now broken her silence and confirmed that she will be marrying her boyfriend of three years Lee Sang Soon. That’s right, Lee Hyori is getting married. It was on July 4, 2013 that she said that they would like to have their wedding in September but that they have not told their parents yet. She explained why she took so long to make this news public. She said that this is a personal matter and that it is not easy. Lee said that her plan was to announce this at the right time in a more beautiful way. She also told her fans to congratulate the couple for their decision to get married and try to live a happy life together. She felt kind of sorry for the fans because she felt that she was being too demanding. In an act of humor, Hyori Lee said that those fans that are not yet ready to “send her off yet” she offered to drink soju with them. She sent her love to her fans and supporters as well. The pop singer created some controversy a few months ago when she said that she would not be getting married anytime soon, saying it to be joking about it. Well, obviously she has had the plans to get married for a while but just did not want to make the news public until now. She is one of South Korea’s most popular singers, has a kind heart and is considered to be the country’s biggest sex symbol. I think she is really is sexy but Boa Kwon is also sexy as well, dressing so nice that you are in awe of her great fashion sense. Congratulations to Hyori Lee and Lee Sang Soon! Here is the video footage of the news of their marriage:

Hyori Lee deserves to have a happy and fun life for all the good that she has done for humanity. I love you too and you are awesome! Here’s something for my readers to think about before I end this post. Of these three celebrities, which one is your favorite in terms of beauty and sexiness? Is it Hyori Lee, Boa Kwon, or former Morning Musume member Miki Fujimoto? My favorite among these three beautiful people is Miki Fujimoto.


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