Emi Takei Cute Sexy Japanese actress

Emi Takei Cute Sexy Japanese actress

Japanese actress Emi Takei from the move GOLD (2010).

Emi Takei: a movie actress that is both cute and very sexy!

I came across pictures and information about this young,
cute and sexy Japanese actress just a few days ago when I was looking for
images about another Japanese supermodel so that I could update one of my
previous written works. I am so glad that I did discover about this girl.
Her name is Emi Takei and she was born on December 25, 1993 in the city of
Nagoya in Japan. Nagoya is in the Aichi Prefecture. Emi also does
modeling from what I understand.

She is only 22 years of age now and she looks
incredible. She has one of the cutest looking faces that I have ever seen.
Although she is only five feet and three inches tall, she’s still gorgeous.

In February 2007, Emi Takei started to appear in Seventeen Magazine. Emi’s first movie
role was in the movie called Sakura No
or The Cherry Orchard in 2008. She is scheduled to star in her next
movie in 2012 titled Rurouni Kenshin
and she will play the role of Kamiya Kaoru.

Emi has also made appearances in
various television dramas. In 2009, Emi starred in Otomen followed by Liar Game
2. In 2010, she starred in the TV movie called GOLD. I obviously won’t talk
about every single movie she’s made appearances in or everything that she has
done because my focus is to write an informative article and to give some of my

Emi Takei has also made appearances in several commercials
including a commercial about milk chocolate and a commercial about Rhythm
Heaven which is a video game for the Nintendo Wii. When I was growing up, the
Nintendo Entertainment System was really popular and I still love those old
video games.

Emi Takei: her list of movie appearances

biographical information about Emi  Takei

  • Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • Emi’s blood type is A.
  • She belongs to the talent agency Oscar Promotion.

As I understand, during the filming of
the movie GOLD, there were some scenes in which Emi Takei had to wear a stunning and
sexy blue swimsuit. That color matches her so well and I’ve seen photos of her
in that swimsuit. She just absolutely looks amazing.  and for your viewing pleasure I have added some more photos of Emi and they come from http://matome.naver.jp. I particularly enjoy the ones where Emi is dressed in blue. I think you can notice by
now how much I love Japanese girls! They are so beautiful and stunning that you
wish one of them was your wife. Although there is more to life than just good
looks alone, it would be a nice thing to have a great looking wife.

The video below shows some hot scenes of Emi Takei in her one-piece suit for the drama GOLD (2010)!

And for your viewing pleasure, I have already included
some photos of this gorgeous actress and model. Emi Takei is simply
stunning and if you take a look at her I’m sure you will agree. Please enjoy
yourselves and have an awesome rest of the day!!



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