Asuka Kishi Gravure idol from Osaka

Asuka Kishi Gravure idol from Osaka

asuka kishi sabra magazine
A gorgeous Asuka Kishi poses for Sabra Magazine in 2013.

Asuka Kishi Gravure Celeb Profile and Statistics


asuka kishi wanibooks
Gravure idol Asuka Kishi from issue #122 of the Wanibooks photo series.

Asuka Kishi Profile

  • Date of birth: April 11, 1991
  • Place of birth: Osaka, Japan
  • Height is 158 centimeters.
  • Her bust size is 90 centimeters.
  • Her waist size is 58 centimeters.
  • Her hips are 88 centimeters.

Asuka Kishi is a really beautiful Japanese gravure idol/asian bikini model from the city of Osaka. She is best known for her G cup breasts and for being a great swimmer! One example of a sexy celebrity that got involved with sports is Miwa Asao. Asao retired from beach volleyball in 2012.  Asuka has done modeling for many Japanese magazines. She has appeared in Weekly Playboy Magazine, Young Magazine, Wanibooks, FLASH, and Sabra. I wrote earlier about what is a Japanese gravure model. But for those of you that need another brief summary of this concept, let’s just say that this type of model works for the purpose of entertaining its male audience in a sometimes provocative way.

asuka kishi sabra magazine
A gorgeous Asuka Kishi poses for Sabra Magazine in 2013.

Sabra is a very famous men’s magazine. Actress Saki Aibu did modeling work for this magazine back in 2008. Wanibooks is also the name of the photo book series that Ai Shinozaki appeared in. She did this in 2008. Asuka is also a former race queen. Race queens appear at auto shows and they have to wear a kind of racing uniform. Note: when I first started this site, one of my first posts was about the race queen Kim Si Hyang. If you are interested in race queens, check out my post about Miho Yoshioka. At first I thought that Yoko Matsugane was the most beautiful gravure model. But now I really think that there are gravure idols that are prettier than her. Asuka Kishi is a rising star that should have more fan support in the future. As famous as Harumi Nemoto is for her voluptuous figure, I think that Asuka Kishi should be more popular as well! Former JKT48 girl Takajo Aki is also a good swimmer. She did that during a photo shoot on the island of Guam.

Asuka is a gravure idol meaning that her main job is to do modeling for magazines. Asuka has done work in lingerie, bikinis, and one-piece swimsuits. Here are some gorgeous swimsuit pictures of her!

If you are interested in swimsuit models, you will enjoy Mami Matsuyama! She (Asuka) is also involved in photo shoots. However, she does not do nudity. The main audience for these gravure models is men. Asuka is supposed to present an image of being sexy and provocative so that she can entertain male audiences. Well she does a good job of it because she is really beautiful!

More interesting facts about Asuka Kishi

asuka kishi beautiful japanese gravure sexy lingerie
This gorgeous shot of Asuka Kishi is from Bomb.TV, a gravure modeling channel


  • She was born on April 11, just a few days after AKB48 member Minami Takahashi!
  • She joins a few other famous Japanese celebrities to be born in that year. Those people are:


Aki Takajo (October 3)

Yuki Kashiwagi (July 15)

Atsuko Maeda (July 10) as a side note, Maeda was the most searched celebrity in Japan in 2012. In 2010, she appeared in Weekly Playboy Magazine showing her impressive bikini body! She was seen relaxing poolside with Yuko Oshima! Oshima released her photo book Nugiyagare!

Tomomi Itano (July 3)

Rumi Yonezawa (June 6) and of course

Yuka Masuda (August 3)

  • Asuka was born in Osaka, the same city that gave birth to the Japanese idol group NMB48.
  • The city of Osaka is the place where Japanese melodic death metal band Shadow was founded in 1993.
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