Yoon Seung Ah fell for Lee Hyori’s boyfriend

Yoon Seung Ah fell for Lee Hyori’s boyfriend

Hyori Lee looks awesome in this dark orange dress. Yoon Seung Ah fell for Lee's then boyfriend
Hyori Lee looks awesome in this dark orange dress. The photo is from photo111.com

With Seo in Young revealing what she is looking for in a man, another more famous South Korean celebrity is getting some interesting attention these days because of her boyfriend (now husband). Sexy pop music singer Hyori Lee is getting some interesting attention from her very close friend, actress Yoon Seung Ah.

The interesting admission by Yoon Seung Ah

Yoon Seung Ah admitted publicly that she once fell for Lee Sang Soon after watching him rescue a cat. She made these comments on KBS TV 2’s Happy Together 3 and that she thinks he is charming. She continued by saying that she saw him coming with a first aid kit bag and in her opinion he looked handsome while rescuing the cat. It was pretty surreal for the actress who described it as being like a scene from a movie. In that moment, all she really saw and paid attention to was his handsome figure while he was rescuing the cat. Hyori Lee expressed her gratitude for being so lucky to have a boyfriend like Lee Sang Soon adding that he is caring and listens to her. Even when she tells him to do certain things he does not get upset at her. That is a good partner and both people in the relationship should treat each other with kindness, respect and understanding. Hyori Lee also said that she fell for Lee Sang Soon after she saw him play the guitar. The singer has had an interesting life full of twists and turns. She went on a short-lived lemon detox diet at the end of 2012 which she gave up after a week. She even revealed that she is building a house on the famous Jeju Island. But fans will perhaps remember her for a while because of her statement about marriage that created lots of controversy. Whatever she does in her life and when she does eventually decide to get married, let’s wish her the best of luck and success. She is fortunate enough to have a partner that cares about her and listens to her. But most of all, Hyori has a kind heart. With South Korean president Park Geun Hye being in her 60s and not married yet, there is no reason Hyori should rush into marriage. She should focus on getting her career restarted. Hyori is a talented celebrity who also is an avid animal right activist and she really cares about the world. Note: as of 2016, Lee Hyori is now married to Lee Sang Soon.

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