Singer Hyori Lee says she will not marry anytime soon

Singer Hyori Lee says she will not marry anytime soon

Hyori Lee looking stunning in this dress and that smile is really beautiful. from

Why did singer Hyori Lee say that she wouldn’t get married anytime soon?

The life of singer Hyori Lee seems to take an interesting turn wherever she goes. Hyori Lee recently attended the wedding of Uhm Tae Woong and Yoon Hye Jin on January 9 and she also said that she is not in a rush to get married. She congratulated both on their marriage and said that she hopes that they will live a long time. Here is where it gets really interesting and some controversy was created later. When Hyori was asked about any marriage plans of her own, she replied: “The president (Park Geun Hye) hasn’t married yet either so I feel like I don’t have a reason to get married soon.”



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Hyori Lee is famous for many hit songs including the one called Bad Girls.

Hyori Lee, 33 is seen in this photo in January 2013. She has constantly had to answer questions from reporters about her marriage plans.

Hyori Lee is a famous animal rights advocate and she has received many accolades of her own. She has appeared in a really sexy photo shoot in 2009 promoting soju. She also received the Daesang Award at the SBS Awards that same year. She was dressed in gray and she looked about as beautiful, charming, and sexy as I have ever seen her. At 33, she is still showing her youth, elegance, and grace.


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