Korean Singer looking hot in Singapore

Korean Singer looking hot in Singapore

seo in young 2011 photo

A Korean singer shows us some impressive fashion sense? Who is that Korean singer? Is it Hyori Lee or Boa Kwon. Well the answer is…. none of the above! Instead, it is Seo In Young!

korean singer seo in young 2011 photo
Korean singer Seo In Young at the 2011 MNET Asian Music Awards shows that in fact she can be beautiful.

Seo in Young, the Korean celebrity that made news just last year when she got in trouble for shoplifting, made news back in 2011 as well but for a good reason. In December 2011, In Young showed up to the Mnet Asian Music Awards in Singapore showing some good fashion sense.

The dress she was wearing was called hot. Dressed in high heels and showing a shorter hair style, Seo In Young was on the red carpet wearing a dress that can be described as a black dress with beads at the top and covering most of her upper body. Only her shoulders are the part of her upper body that is visible. She does look cute in the dress to go with her short hair. I prefer to see her with long hair as I think she looks better that way. What do you think? Does she look hot or not?

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