Korean Singer Hyori Lee expresses concerns over her comeback

Korean Singer Hyori Lee expresses concerns over her comeback


What did Korean Singer Hyori Lee say about her comeback?

Famous Korean singer Hyori Lee recently expressed concerns about her upcoming comeback. She expressed those concerns on January 14th through Twitter. She basically said that the trend these days is that they tend to mix two or three different styles into one song. It makes her wonder if it is the same song or whether it is a different song.

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Singer Hyori Lee is seen here in this photo with very sexy sunglasses. Her hair is so awesome too that it feels like it glows. Her sexiness is clear and I love the style of her dress!!

She expressed her feelings about her comeback after listening to Girls Generation’s “I Got a Boy” and other recent releases. She got plenty of support from her fans across the Internet which obviously is a great thing. Hyori Lee recently was the subject of some controversy when she mentioned that Park Geun Hye is not married yet so that she feels that she does not have to do it soon anytime either. She did say that she made the statement to be funny because she was tired of constantly being asked questions about her marriage plans. Hyori Lee has been an extremely strong advocate for helping those less fortunate than her particularly in her native South Korea where she is from. She recently was on a lemon detox diet at the beginning of 2013 which she stopped after 7 days. She is known as Korea’s largest sex symbol and it is easy to see why. She has the looks to back up that kind of statement and she is also known for being a  very good dancer. She turned 34 years old on May 10 2013. Hyori Lee also has been in a few dramas. but her most notable appearance has been in Three Leaf Clover in 2003. This was the same year which is known as the “Year of Hyori” because she became so popular and appeared on the news constantly. Here is the song called Somebody. it is from her 5th album called Monochrome. She has made a comeback and I have to say, it is  a strong comeback! Whatever concerns she may have had before, they are gone now!


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