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Hyori Lee is a very sexy and talented South Korean singer that started her music career with the pop music group called Fin.K.L. Hyori was trained under the entertainment company known as Daesung Entertainment. They were responsible for assigning Hyori to be the leader of the all-girl group Fin.K.L. This stands for Fine Killing Liberty. Which brings me to ask this question: why didn’t they just use the name Fine Killing Liberty instead of abbreviating it? The group released their debut album Blue Rain in 1998. They rose to success after the release of three singles including “To My Boyfriend” and this group became a major force in the South Korean music scene.

The group would release five more albums including the one called “White, Now and Forever”. Then they broke up in 2002.

Hyori Lee at a glance

  • She is also known as Hyo-Ri or HyoLee
  • Birth date: May 10, 1979
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 166 centimeters tall
  • Weight: 47 kilograms
  • Blood type is A
  • Religion: Christianity


“I like to have fun on the set. That’s the best way to work.”

Hyori Lee

Source: http://www.askmen.com/celebs/women/singer_300/396_hyori_lee.html



from http://www.ckywf.com

Another reason why Hyori Lee is so famous: she is a major sex symbol

Hyori Lee is known mostly for her beauty and she is considered to be a sex symbol. She is the youngest child in her family. Hyori was discovered when she was taking photographs with her friends at a photo booth. When she was younger, Hyori enjoyed spending her time drawing and acting. Singing was not something she considered seriously at this time. She actually thought about becoming a police officer. That just goes to show that people can change their minds about jobs and careers a lot.

Some more interesting facts about Hyori Lee

Family: She has a mother, father, one older brother and one older sister.
School: Gook Min University, 2nd year student as of this writing.
Childhood Dream was to become a police officer.
Hobbies / Special talent: Drawing and Acting is among her special talents. She is really fortunate to be able to draw because I am not good at drawing.
Favorite part of body: Her long, straight hair is her favorite body part and I really like her hair also! It is nice, long and straight. I have always loved long, straight hair in a woman.
Her ideal guy: Someone who leaves a good first impression
Motto: “let’s do the best we can in everything”
Hyori Lee laughs often and she is low tempered.
Most precious thing: Hyori says that family is the most important thing to her.
First love: elementary school, there was a boy who did everything so well
Favorite food: Anything, but especially crackers covered with chocolate
Her favorite color is White.
Her favorite singers: Mariah Carey, Brandy
Her favorite songs: mostly Ballad and R&B

Hyori Lee embarks on her solo career

It was in 2003 that Hyori began her career as a solo artist. The album Stylish was released and it received great reviews and lots of financial success. Hyori became a success even at the annual Daesangs Awards ceremony where the album got seven trophies in a variety of categories. That is a great number of results for a debut album! This debut album sold over 150,000 copies. In 2006, Hyori Lee released her second album called Dark Angel. But she immediately was involved in controversy.  The first single of the album “Get Ya” was thought by many to be a copy of Britney Spears’ song called “Do Somethin”. This caused Hyori Lee to stop doing any activities to promote that song. When Hyori lee had to sign a new record contract, she signed with M-Net Entertainment. She rose to further success becoming South Korea’s highest paid female singer. She agreed to star in a four episode series called If in love… like them for M-Net. She even recorded three songs for that show. That soundtrack was on the #1 place in South Korea in 2007. In April of 2010, Hyori Lee came out with another solo album called H-Logic.

Hyori Lee is also an actress and in 2003 she appeared in a drama series called Three Leaf Clover. However, the ratings for the show were so poor that it was cancelled after just 16 episodes.

Hyori Lee has also done photo shoots where she is in a bikini and a photo shoot for the women’s magazine Cosmopolitan. She looks great in a bikini and the Cosmopolitan photos are fantastic! They are from http://worldshowbiz.info. Those two photos of Hyori Lee in that awesome red dress are from http://ajakey.egloos.com. Below is the song called Somebody from her 2013 album called Monochrome. It is really awesome!

I have also included some great photos of Hyori in a nice black and white dress. She looks absolutely cute and stunning in these photos. And I have included two more photos of Hyori Lee in an awesome purple dress. In 2013, Lee said that she would be releasing a new album which will be her first one since 2010’s H-Logic.

However, her career has had ups and downs in it. Early in 2013, Lee made a controversial statement about marriage and she even had concerns about her comeback. But she has come back very strong and she has resurrected her career. In September 2013, Lee Hyori got married to her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon.

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