Hyori Lee essay book is published

Hyori Lee essay book is published

Hyori Lee

Hyori Lee Essay book: the details

Korean Pop music singer and sexy diva Hyori Lee has announced that she has published an essay book on May 24th 2012 titled “Closer: The Story of Hyori Lee and Soon Shim.” So it is official! Hyori Lee essay book is published. As I understand, the essay book talks about her life with Soon Shim and four other pet cats that she has. She is a singer, supermodel, and humanitarian and now you can add published author to her list of accomplishments. She is so diverse and talented and she has a kind heart. This kindness was demonstrated when she visited some of the poorer neighborhoods of the capital city of Seoul and spent time with older age and poorer people. If women around the world spent more time dedicating themselves to good causes instead of being so insecure about their reputation, we could solve many of the world’s problems in a short amount of time. Hyori is an example of a celebrity that really cares about the world and it makes me happy too because I want humans to meet their best potential and to succeed in whatever they want to do with their lives both personally and professionally.

hyori lee image The Hyori Lee essay book is about her dogs
Hyori Lee is looking hot!



The book has photos of Hyori Lee and her most beloved pet cat as well as writings by Hyori Lee. Some of the photos were taken by famous photographer Kim Tae Eun and some of them were taken by Hyori Lee herself. The book also discusses how Hyori Lee became an activist for animal rights and how she became a vegetarian. Hyori Lee is known for her charm, sexiness, and general love of nature. Lee Hyori also became famous for her hit single U-Go-Girl released in 2008. She also won the 2009 Daesang Award for her role in the TV series Family Outing. She had on one of the prettiest dresses that I have ever seen. It was a gray and white dress that was glittering and that made her super sexy, so sexy that if you see those photos, you’ll never get enough of her! Hyori’s agency confirmed in January 2013 that she is constructing a house on the famous Jeju Island, a place where she can go to relax. In 2012, Lee appeared in an advertising campaign for the famous sunglasses and apparel brand Oakley.



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