Actress Han Ye Seul denies dating rumors

Actress Han Ye Seul denies dating rumors

Han ye Seul shows her beauty and elegance in this modern dress.

The very beautiful Korean actress Han Ye Seul denies dating rumors.

Actress Han Ye Seul has denied any reports that she is dating someone. On June 29, 2012, a media outlet reported that the actress was dating someone with the intention to marry him. These kinds of reports are typical when you are a celebrity.

Han Ye Seul denies dating rumors and her representatives confirm this

Representatives of Han Ye Seul stated that this is just a false report. They also went on to say that reports of Han Ye Seul getting married are “unfounded” and that these reports were written in a way to make them look like they had an exact source but the report is just false.

Han Ye Seul is sometimes known as Han Hye Seul. She is signed to the talent agency BEL Actors Entertainment. She is known by the nickname Barbie Doll. Below is another photo of Han. She is most likely at an awards ceremony and looking as beautiful as ever.

han ye seul denies dating rumors
Here is another gorgeous shot of Han Ye Seul. The dress is outstanding!

In November 2009, Han was present at the 46th annual Grand Bell Film Awards and she looked so stunning that she would make a man’s knees turn to spaghetti. She will really impress you! Just take a look at a few awesome shots below.

han ye seul image
Can she get any hotter than this? Han Ye Seul’s dress is outstanding and she’s got a great smile!
han ye seul dress image
Han Ye Seul 30, is wearing a gorgeous red dress and showing her amazing body in the process. Her breasts are amazing too! A perfect 10 out of 10! I love the way that this picture was taken because this is one of her sexiest photos.

The actress sings at the 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards in this video.

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