Yasuda Kei of Morning Musume gets married!

    Yasuda Kei of Morning Musume gets married!

    yasuda kei
    Yasuda Kei back in 2010. I love her yellow dress and her hairstyle in this photo. She is so gorgeous!

    Japanese singer Yasuda Kei (Kei Yasuda) Source: http://morningtime.wordpress.com/2010/09/02/morning-musume-favourite-members.

    Former Morning Musume singer Kei Yasuda or Yasuda Kei as she is known in Japan, has had a very rough last few months trying to deal with the fact that her father is missing. But Yasuda, 32, also has a great reason to feel the joy and excitement in her life as well. In May 2013, she got married to Yoichi Ozaki who is a 35-year-old Italian food cooking researcher. He also owns two restaurants in Tokyo. I am so happy for Kei-chan! I wish her all the best in her life and career. Yasuda who will be 33 in December was part of Morning Musume’s second generation of members along with Mari Yaguchi and Sayaka Ichii. She is now part of the unit called Dream Morning Musume. This group as 10 famous former members of Morning Musume. Yuko Nakazawa is the oldest member of the group and she began her career with Morning Musume back in 1997. The other members of Dream Morning Musume are:



    kei yasuda black dress
    Yasuda Kei pictured here back in 2002. She looked gorgeous even back then. This is from her first photo book. The black dress with the straps arre a perfect match for her! So beautiful don’t you think?

    Yasuda Kei in 2002 with black dress for her photo book called Kei.

    Yasuda did not even finish high school, dropping out to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She actually even worked at a McDonald’s restaurant in her hometown until 1998! In addition to being an established singer, Kei Yasuda is also skilled at playing the piano and saxophone. This Chiba Japan native has the life philosophy of love. Love is one of her favorite words and that is the best way to feel. I’m proud of you Kei! You are awesome! At one point, Yasuda was one of my favorite Morning Musume members of the 2nd generation. She still is but I prefer Sayaka Ichii as of 2015.

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