Tomomi Kasai Fan Meeting Tower Records

    Tomomi Kasai Fan Meeting Tower Records

    tomomi kasai tower records

    There was a Tomomi Kasai fan meeting at Tower Records in December 2012

    Who is Tomomi Kasai?

    • Her birthday is November 16, 1991.
    • She was born in Tokyo.
    • She made her AKB48 debut in February 2006. This date is actually important. By this time, Atsuko Maeda and Minami Takahashi were already members of the group. AKB48 idol Yuko Oshima would join AKB48 a few months later in April 2006.
    • She was part of the group’s Team A.
    • She enjoys going to see movies with her mother.
    • She is part of the duo called WTOMO with Itano Tomomi.
    tomomi kasai fan meeting tower records
    Japanese idol singer Tomomi Kasai at Tower Records greeting her fans.

    AKB48 singer Tomomi Kasai met with her fans for the first time since announcing her graduation from the group. The tomomi Kasai fan meeting was at the Tower Records in Shinjuku to hand out photos of her to those that purchased her debut single Masaka. She handed out the photos to 400 fans. She said that this was her first “handing in person” event and that because she was able to directly thank her fans, she is happy. Tomomi Kasai was at the event on December 26th in a gorgeous blue dress. Trust me, if you see how she looks, you will be amazed. it matches her perfectly and she’s got nice eyes too. Kasai graduated from AKB48 in May 2013.

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