Tomomi Itano AKB48 singer


    All about Japanese idol singer Tomomi Itano

    Tomomi Itano may very well be the definition of cute. Look up the word cute in the dictionary and that word describes her perfectly. This Japanese beauty entered the world on July 3, 1991 and has one younger sister. A native of Kanagawa Japan, Tomomi often appears in photo shoots with former AKB48 member Atsuko Maeda. Tomomi is now signed to and under contract with Horipro. Others call her Tomochin. She loves to dance. Once again, I will try to write the song titles in English so that readers can understand. Tomomi has such a pure face, angelic when you look at it. She is really, really, pretty!

    Tomomi’s first appearance on a solo single is on “Dear J.”

    This became followed by appearances on “Unexpectedly” and most recently on “To You After 10 Years.” She has appeared on many other singles. In July 2011, Tomomi talked about her second single during an interview. She is so sweet and gracious even with the fact that English is not her first language. Who cares because just looking at this cute person is good enough! Some of these include Namida Surprise, BINGO!, Beginner, and Heavy Rotation. She has also released a DVD under her own name. As part of her work with AKB48, each of the members becomes assigned into teams. Tomomi is part of Team A. She remains close with all of her Team A members. But she was moved to Team K after some shuffling took place. Tomomi Itano says that her favorite artists include famous Japanese singer Namie Amuro and EXILE. Tomomi had the position of an EXILE Kids dancer before she joined AKB48. In addition to her love for dancing, Itano also enjoys swimming, shopping, and long distance runs. Tomomi often times goes out to sing karaoke. She sings songs by Boa, SPEED, and Ai Otsuka.

    Tomomi especially enjoys and adores “Marie” from The Aristocats and “Lady” from Lady and the Tramp. I enjoy certain cartoons too. Tomomi is a lover of many foods. These foods include meat pot stickers, yakisoba, raw meat, cherries, and French toast. Hot green tea is her favorite beverage. She started her own website in 2011. Here are some photos of Atsuko Maeda in addition to those photos which I have included. I thought that this would be a nice surprise. For more photos of the cute Tomomi you can find them here. I thought about also including photos of Atsuko Maeda because Atsuko and Tomomi are best friends. Plus, it would be a nice addition to an already well written article. Itano announced her intention to graduate from AKB48 in the summer of 2013 and she left the group and is now working on a solo career.

    Note: on July 3, 2016, Tomomi Itano celebrated her 25th birthday. Her friend Atsuko Maeda “Acchan” celebrated her 25th birthday on July 10, 2016.

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