Sexy Japanese idol singer Aki Takajo: A Tribute


Now that  sexy Japanese idol singer Aki Takajo has graduated from both AKB48 and JKT48, I felt that a tribute to her would be very appropriate. Some of you may be asking why I am paying tribute to her. First of all, Japanese idol singer Aki Takajo is one of my favorite AKB48 idols of all time along with Atsuko Maeda (my #1 role model), Sayaka Yamamoto, AKB48 idol Yuko Oshima, and Yui Yokoyama. It is also because Aki is one of the cutest members that AKB48 ever had. By the way, Mayu Watanabe is really cute as well! Another reason for this tribute to Japanese idol singer Aki Takajo is because I love the fact that she is athletic. She took part in a swimming photo session in Guam where she was swimming laps in the pool. Aki Takajo also plays tennis. I first wrote about Aki Takajo at the end of 2012 and she has taken part in many AKB48 singles since then. I also wrote about Aki Takajo when she turned 23 on October 3, 2014. This is one more of my tribute posts about Japanese idols. I have written a tribute post about Sayaka Yamamoto, the lovely Yuki Kashiwagi and of course, “Acchan” Atsuko Maeda of AKB48!

sexy japanese idol singer aki takajo
Japanese idol singer Aki Takajo after she ranked #12 in the 2011 Senbatsu Election.

About Sexy Japanese Idol Singer Aki Takajo

Sexy Japanese idol singer Aki Takajo began her career with popular all-girl group AKB48 as a 6th generation member in April 2008. She transferred to Indonesia in August 2012 along with the really cute  Japanese idol Haruka Nakagawa. A few months after their transfer to JKT48, Takajo and Nakagawa Haruka made an appearance in a commercial for the flavored drink Pocari Sweat and this was the third time that a Pocari Sweat commercial featured a member of JKT48.

But Takajo’s biggest breakthrough as an Asian bikini model came in August 2011 when she appeared in a photo shoot for Big Comic Spirits Magazine posing in a sexy blue bikini as she was walking in a swimming pool. She was also seen dressed as a lifeguard or relaxing in her hotel room.

Foto Aki Takajo Sexy from Big Comic Spirits Magazine 2011

sexy japanese idol singer aki takajo big comic spirits
Aki Takajo is awesome in this blue bikini. This is the cutest photo I have seen of her! This photo comes from Big Comic Sprits back in the summer of 2011!

Takajo’s debut single with AKB48 came in the song called Iiwake Maybe. She would also appear as a member in the famous single Heavy Rotation. That song was a big hit and it featured Yuko Oshima as the center for that song. If you recall, Oshima was chosen as center for Heavy Rotation because of her victory in the 2010 Senbatsu Election over Atsuko Maeda who was ranked 2nd that year. Maeda would win the 2011 Senbatsu Election however. Heavy Rotation was such an important song that even JKT48 performed it in Indonesian! Takajo would also appear in the song Manatsu no Sounds Good! And then she would also appear in the single Sayonara Crawl. The single Sayonara Crawl sold a then-record number of singles on the first day of release on May 22, 2013. Heart Ereki, a song in which Haruna Kojiima would be chosen as center was another song put into Takajo’s portfolio of work. Takajo’s last single with AKB48 was Kuchibiru ni Be my Baby, the last time that Minami Takahashi was chosen as center. It was on December 15, 2015 that Aki Takajo announced her intention to graduate from AKB48. She would graduate for good on February 27, 2016, following a tradition that has been set since the start of the AKB48 idol group back in 2005. These Japanese idols “graduate” or retire from the group when they get to a certain age. This is usually when these idols reach their mid to late 20’s. This type of graduation also happens in AKB48’s other idol groups such as SKE48 and NMB48. For instance, Nana Yamada of NMB48 graduated from that group. Kanako Kadowaki and the beautiful Yui Takano also have graduated as well. And of course, popular idol singer Rena Matsui graduated from SKE48 in August 2015. Of the idol singers that are pretty famous and still with their groups after several years include Yuki Kashiwagi and Yui Yokoyama. Yui Yokoyama showed her sexiness during a photo shoot for BUBKA Magazine and she started a Twitter account. One of her followers on Twitter is Masahiro Tanaka!

Why is Sexy Japanese Idol singer Aki Takajo special and worthy of mention?

For all of her singing and modeling work (we will get to her moments with sub-unit French Kiss soon), sexy Japanese idol singer Aki Takajo is special and worthy of mention for a few reasons. First of all, she took up an interest in pet fashion. It was on March 1, 2014, that Takajo was in attendance at an event to commemorate the launch of her pet fashion brand Vivre at the place Venus Fort in Tokyo. The brand’s name in French means to live together. She was there at that event with her 2 Chihuahuas, Smurf and Mari. She stated that her dogs are like children to her. After introducing the clothing lines for the spring and summer of that year, she said that she is not praising herself but that she was surprised because they turned out to be very cute products. Takajo is also special because she landed her first lead role as an actress in TV Tokyo’s drama called SAVEPOINT. In the drama, Takajo plays the role of a special unit police officer and she had to do action scenes. There is also a scene in which she chops off her long hair! In addition to this role, Takajo has also starred in a set of four documentaries about AKB48. The first of these was Documentary of AKB48: To be Continued (2011). The next year, she would star in Documentary of AKB48: Show Must Go On. This documentary takes a look at the group up close and personal and documents the problems that they face as Japanese idols. In the third documentary called Documentary of AKB48: No Flower Without Rain, this one is about the members dealing with a clause that prevents these girls from dating and popularity gaps between the members. Mayu Watanabe has been one of the most popular AKB48 girls in recent years, winning the center position for the songs Kokoro no Placard and Kibouteki Refrain. In the last documentary of this series called Documentary of AKB48: The Time Has Come, there is a heated election that takes place to choose who will lead AKB48 because by this time, (2014) Atsuko Maeda and Yuko Oshima have left the group. In addition to these documentary movies, Takajo starred in TV Tokyo’s dramas Majisuka Gakuen and Majisuka Gakuen 2.

Sexy Japanese idol singer Aki Takajo and her work in sub-unit French Kiss

Sexy Japanese idol singer Aki Takajo was also a member of the AKB48 sub-unit French Kiss from 2010 through 2015. Joining her in this unit were Asuka Kuramochi and Yuki Kashiwagi (Yukirin). I have done a tribute post about Yuki Kashiwagi as well. The group would release 6 singles including Zutto Mae Kara, IF, and Romance Privacy. The group would also release one studio album called French Kiss and they would disband in 2015. The group’s last concert was held at the Saitama Super Arena on November 5, 2015. So there you have it, a proper tribute to the lovely Aki Takajo AKICHA. She can do it all. She can sing, dance, do modeling, and she has even done acting as well. Good luck Aki you will always be one of my favorite Japanese idols!


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