Sayaka Yamamoto Sexy Beautiful Japanese Idol


Sayaka Yamamoto sexy beautiful Japanese idol is an idol so beautiful that she is drop dead gorgeous!  She is a member of NMB48 and the captain of its Team N. She is one of the most recognizable members in the group along with Miyuki Watanabe. Sayaka was also a member of AKB48’s Team K from 2014 through 2016. But who is Sayaka Yamamoto? I know I have written about her several times but she really is my favorite Japanese idol along with Yuko Oshima, Yui Yokoyama, and Atsuko Maeda. I love Sayaka so much that I have written a tribute post about her! For those of you that have not had a chance to get to know this stunning Japanese babe, this is your second chance! If the sexy Miwa Asao was the most beautiful beach volleyball player during her career, then Sayaka Yamamoto is NMB48’s most beautiful idol singer!


sayaka yamamoto swimsuit model and idol
Japanese swimsuit model and idol Sayaka Yamamoto on the cover of Weekly Playboy Magazine, this time for an Olympic style theme.

Profile of Sayaka Yamamoto Sexy Beautiful Japanese idol


  • Her most common nickname is Sayanee. She also goes by the nicknames Sayaka and Sayamina.
  • She was born on July 14, 1993.
  • She is a native of Osaka, Japan.
  • Her height is listed at 155 centimeters. Minami Takahashi was the shortest member of all of these groups standing at 148 centimeters tall. Note: Takahashi graduated from AKB48 in March 2016.
  • Sayaka has three siblings, two older brothers and an older sister.

Sayaka  Yamamoto has been a member for all the singles that NMB48 has released so far. NMB48 is the second sister group of AKB48 and it is produced by the famous Yasushi Akimoto whom some of the members refer to as “Akimoto sensei” out of respect for him. Sayaka’s start in the entertainment industry began when she joined NMB48 as a research student in October 2010. She was promoted to Team N on March 10, 2011. Her concurrent position with AKB48 began after she was assigned to its team K after the AKB48 Grand Shuffle on February 24, 2014. In addition to her work with NMB48, Sayaka is also a member of the Light Music Club. This is a club that was formed by AKB48 with the expressed goal of playing instruments and forming a band. The leader of this group is Yui Yokoyama. This is different from the sub-units that are formed. While the sub-units such as French Kiss and Not Yet are separate musical groups that write, produce, and release their own singles, these clubs consist of members from AKB48 and its other groups that form and work together and have specific goals in mind. Sayaka Yamamoto is also a member that finished high enough to be eligible to sing in AKB48’s 37th single called Kokoro no Placard. The center for that single is Mayu Watanabe. In addition to this, Sayaka has also sung in the singles Everyday Katyusha, Kaze wa Fuiteiru, GIVE ME FIVE!, Manatsu no Sounds Good, So Long!, Sayonara Crawl, Koi suru Fortune Cookie, Heart Ereki, Mae Shika Mukanee, and Labrador Retriever. Sayaka was present for the filming of the video for that single and she was seen dressed in a bikini like many of the other girls including Anna Iriyama and Miyuki Watanabe. Sayaka is also on the album cover for AKB48’s best-selling 5th album called Tsugi no Ashiato. The album has the singles Koi suru Fortune Cookie, So Long, and UZA. UZA is AKB48’s 28th major single and has Tomomi Itano singing as a member. Sayaka is an interesting Japanese idol and you will see why! The best part of all is that unlike Japanese idols such as Rumi Yonezawa, Natsumi Hirajima, and Yuka Masuda, Sayaka has stayed dedicated to focusing on her work as a Japanese idol and she has not violated any of the AKB48 rules! She is a great role model for young people and I love her! Sayaka Yamamoto sexy beautiful Japanese idol has also done work as an Asian bikini model/gravure model for magazines such as FLASH, Big Cosmic Spirits, Entame, BUBKA, and UTB.  In December 2014, Yamamoto appeared in Weekly Playboy Magazine in one of her best photo shoots ever! In that one, she appeared in a red bikini with Haruka Shimazaki as the two girls posed for photos during a holiday style theme!

On October 26, 2016, Yamamoto released her first solo album called Rainbow.

Interesting facts about Sayaka Yamamoto Sexy Beautiful Japanese idol


  • Sayaka has the special skill of showing enthusiasm.
  • When she is not singing or touring, Sayaka enjoys learning new things, studying history, listening to music and watching movies.
  • Sayaka says that her favorite artists are the Korean singer BOA and YUI.
  • Sayaka’s favorite subject is history.
  • Her favorite sport is basketball. Like Aki Takajo, she is athletic.
  • Her favorite colors are black and navy blue.
  • Sayaka’s future ambition is to become a songwriter or be involved with something that will give her the chance to continue singing.
  • Sayaka began to take singing and dance lessons when she was in the second grade. She has also studied how to play the piano.
  • From fifth grade all the way through her freshman year of high school, Sayaka was her class president. She also became school council president when she was a sophomore in high school.
  • Sayaka was a member of a band called MAD KATZ before she joined NMB48. She was also their lead guitar player! Sayaka is really talented and this is a great asset for her.
  • Sayaka is a vegetarian.
  • When she was a child, Sayaka wanted to be a nursery school teacher or a professional dancer.
  • She has had her ears pierced seven times!
  • Sayaka has a bad sense of direction and she often gets lost when she is walking outdoors.
  • Sayaka likes to read boys-love manga after her older sister introduced her to this.
  • Sayaka wears 0.75 prescription contact lenses so that she can correct her vision.
  • Sayaka and Miyuki Watanabe are often called the Centers of NMB48 and their nickname is SayaMilky.
  • Sayaka enjoys eating vegetables, Chinese food, and Japanese baked goods.
  • Sayaka cut her hair short after the 4th Senbatsu Election in 2012 to show that she was determined to finish with a higher ranking. Sayaka finished that 4th election ranking at #18. She finished ranked #14 at the end of the 2013 Senbatsu Election. In 2014, she finished with an impressive 6th place ranking and she has decided to let her hair grow out again.
  • Other idols often say jokes about the size of her chin.
  • She has the same first name as gravure model Sayaka Isoyama from Ibaraki.
  • She released a solo photo book called SY.



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