Rinne Toda of the group Country Musume

Rinne Toda of the group Country Musume

rinne toda hello! project
Rinne Toda, former member of the group Country Musume now known as Country Girls.
rinne toda country musume
A photo of the members of Country Musume. From left to right: Asami Kimura, Rika Ishikawa, and Rinne Toda.

Rinne Toda also known by her stage name of Rinne was a Japanese pop music singer and member of the Hello! Project based group called Country Musume. She was also the leader of the group from 2000-2002. She graduated from Country Musume in 2002 to pursue a career as a stage actress. And in 2006, she married a salary man from Hokkaido where she still lives. Upon her graduation from Country Musume and Hello! Project, Asami Kimura took Toda’s place as the leader of Country Musume. Country Musume is a different musical group and should not be confused with the more popular girl group Morning Musume. The leader of that group and of Hello! Project is Sayumi Michishige. However, Michishige will be graduating from Morning Musume following a concert on November 26, 2014. Morning Musume now is under the name of Morning Musume 15 and the leader is Mizuki Fukumura.

Rinne Toda performs as a vocalist on the first Country Musume album called Country Musume Daizenshuu 1 featuring the mentioned Asami Kimura and Rika Ishikawa as members. Ishikawa was a fourth generation member of Morning Musume with Nozomi Tsuji, Ai Kago, and Hitomi Yoshizawa. The debut album for the group is an album that is of the dance pop style with a bit of country influence as well. Country Musume was formed in 1999 by Morning Musume producer TSUNKU and the original producer Yoshitake Tanaka. The original lineup of this musical group had three members in it. They were Azusa Kobayashi, Rinne Toda and Hiromi Yanagihara (R.I.P. October 19, 1979-July 16, 1999). Yanagihara was killed in a car accident at the age of 19 just before the first single for Country Musume was to be released. The photo of these three women from Country Musume is from www.hello-online.org.


Profile of Rinne Toda


rinne toda hello! project
Rinne Toda, former member of the group Country Musume now known as Country Girls.
  • Known as Toda Rinne in Japan.
  • Her stage name is Rinne.
  • Date of birth: February 6, 1981.
  • Her place of birth is in Sapporo in the Hokkaido Prefecture.
  • She has a blood type of B.
  • Of the group’s original members that are still alive and active, Azusa Kobayashi is the oldest member at 37 years of age.
  • And of the members that were a part of Country Musume before the group went on a hiatus, Rika Ishikawa is the youngest member being only 31 years old.
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