Rina Kondo Japanese idol singer


Profile of Rina Kondo

  • Birthdate is February 23, 1997.
  • Her place of birth is Shiga, Japan.
  • She made her debut in October 2010 as part of NMB48’s 1st Generation.
rina kondo nmb48 photo
A photo of Japanese idol singer Rina Kondo taken in June 2011.

Rina Kondo first joined NMB48 as a Research Student. In March 2011 she was transferred to Team N. She would be transferred to Team M after the AKB48 Group Shuffle on February 24, 2014. She has not been ranked in any of the AKB48 General Elections in her career. Reina Fujie is the Captain of Team M and Ayaka Okita is the co-captain.  Kondo announced her intention to graduate from NMB48 during a performance at Osaka Theater on January 15, 2016. Kondo said that as a member of NMB48, she has experienced many things. But she wants to take a different path. But who is Rina Kondo?


Interesting Facts about Rina Kondo


  • In her spare time, she enjoys shopping and watching movies.
  • She has the special ability to be a great dancer.
  • Her favorite foods are edamame and French Fries.
  • Her future goal is to be a successful actress.
  • She is a member of the Drama Club.
  • She is a close friend of Miyuki Watanabe (known as Watanabe Miyuki in Japan).
  • The other members of Team M call her ChanRii instead of calling her Riichan. They do so as a joke.
  • Idol singers Mayu Ogasawara and Riho Kotani are huge fans of her. They call her an angel. She has become popular with many fans who also call her an angel.
  • She is known for having a carefree personality. During the filming of the TV show called Naniwa Nadeshiko, she wandered off instead of doing what she was supposed to do. She was discovered buying ice cream!
  • She is known for being extremely blunt and for speaking without thinking.
  • She has an advice giving corner called Riichan’s Problem Solving Room. This is a part of Team M’s MC’s. She has unintentionally insulted people and made comments that were deemed to be inappropriate. They have been edited out.

Rina Kondo thanked everyone for their support. She said that because people have cheered for her, she has been able to come this far. She also revealed that during the past five years, there were fun times, happy times, and things that she regrets. She gives credit to the comments and letters by fans that kept her going. Kondo’s graduation concert will be on January 27, 2016. She is the fourth NMB48 member to announce her graduation in less than a year. The other three NMB48 members that have moved on are Kanako KadowakiNana Yamada and Riho Kotani. Good luck Rina!

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