Rena Matsui Has Graduated SKE48

Rena Matsui Has Graduated SKE48

rena matsui photo
rena matsui kingyo photo book
Rena Matsui in a gorgeous photo here for her first photo book Kingyo (Goldfish) in 2012.

The career of Rena Matsui has ended

Rena Matsui, the pop music singer that was known for her work with Jurina Matsui and releasing two photo books has now graduated from SKE48. Matsui graduated in August 2015 after appearing in the group’s single Mae Nomeri.

Matsui’s graduation follows the graduation of Yuko Oshima in the summer of 2014.  Matsui announced her intention to graduate on the weekly radio show called AKB48 no All Night Nippon in June 2015. Matsui, 24, is a native of Aichi, Japan. She made her debut with SKE48 in July 2008 as part of the group’s 1st generation. I really think that Matsui ended her career with SKE48 in a strong way. At the end of the event called AKB48 37th single Senbatsu Sousenkyo or the 37th single Senbatsu Election, she was ranked as the 5th most popular member. Matsui released her first solo photo book Kingyo in 2012 and Hemeretto in 2014.

rena matsui hemeretto photo book
Rena Matsui from her second photo book called Hemeretto (2014). I love her hair as I think she looks absolutely gorgeous!

Matsui also took part in many of AKB48’s singles. Her first appearance in an AKB48 single was in the one called 10nen Sakura in 2009. The last single that she sang in as a member of AKB48 is the one called Bokutachi no Tatakawanai. There have been graduations of very famous members the last few years. The first one of these graduations that was notable which made lots of news was the graduation of Atsuko Maeda (Acchan). In 2013, Sayaka Akimoto (DIVA), Mariko Shinoda, and Tomomi Itano also graduated. But Rena’s graduation is going to make the fans sad because of how popular she was. Good luck to the beautiful Rena Matsui as she begins a new chapter in her life! Images source:

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