NMB48 idol Sayaka Yamamoto Celebrates Her Birthday


NMB48 idol Sayaka Yamamoto celebrated her 23rd birthday on July 14, 2016. I know that more than a week has passed since her birthday but I will still pay tribute to my favorite NMB48 idol member!

nmb48 idol sayaka yamamoto blog photo
NMB48 idol Sayaka Yamamoto looking beautiful as usual! This photo is from her official blog.

Congratulations to Sayanee as she gets another year older. But she is still quite young even by Japanese entertainment standards. I hope that she remains an NMB48 idol into her early 30’s because she really has a lot to offer! Who knows what may happen. If history is any indication, there have been certain idols that have graduated later in their 20’s. For instance, Yuko Oshima graduated at 25 and then went on to release her first photo book Nugiyagare! Mariko Shinoda graduated from AKB48 at 27. But Sayaka Yamamoto is still an active NMB48 member and she kicks ass! This is especially true in the looks category! This Team N beauty teamed up with Haruka Shimazaki for a photo session in December 2014 for Weekly Playboy Magazine with the theme of “Shangri-La.” She took her sexiness one step further when she posed in very sexy lingerie in Big Cosmic Spirits Magazine.

sayaka yamamoto sexy bikini pics
Sayaka Yamamoto is on the cover of Big Comic Spirits Magazine with a sexy and stunning look! She poses in an awesome bikini! Shall we say ultra super hot?

This is the same magazine that Aki Takajo did an amazing photo shoot for back in 2011 as she was seen as a sexy lifeguard! Sayaka posed as a model for that magazine one month later as she was seen dressed in a one-piece swimsuit with the Mizuno Swim Team logo on it. That photo session is one of the sexiest in her career! Don’t take my word for it, just look at it yourself and you will see what I mean. Congratulations Sayaka Yamamoto! You are awesome! Yamamoto was also chosen as the center for the song 365 Nichi no Kamihikouki. That is the theme song for the morning drama called Asa ga Kita.

Yamamoto has been pretty popular as an idol at the last 2 AKB48 Senbatsu Elections. In the 7th Senbatsu Election in Fukuoka in 2015, Yamamoto was ranked as the 6th most popular Japanese idol right behind Jurina Matsui. In the 8th AKB48 Senbatsu Election held in Niigata, Yamamoto was even more popular, ranking at #4! I bet she already had a great birthday celebration!

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