Niigaki Risa looks amazing in pink dress

Niigaki Risa looks amazing in pink dress

niigaki risa morning musume
A side view of former Morning Musume band leader and singer Niigaki Risa. That dress is simply outstanding!

Niigaki Risa also known as Risa Niigaki to music fans outside of Japan has been a part of the Hello! Project label for several years. In 2012, she appeared in a photo shoot for the label where she was seen wearing a gorgeous pink dress! Niigaki who turned  26 in October 2014 got her start in the famous Japanese pop idol group Morning Musume back in 2001 along with Ai Takahashi who also started her career in that group in 2001. However, Takahashi was born in 1986, two years before Niigaki was. Niigaki Risa is also famous for her photo book releases, the last one of which she released on April 27, 2012 called Ascension. Ascension was the last photo book that Niigaki would release as the leader and member of Morning Musume before her graduation from the group on May 18, 2012.

And former eighth generation member of the group Aika Mitsui also graduated with Niigaki on that same day. Risa Niigaki’s most famous quote is “Be considerate every day and try the hardest you can.” Gaki-san looks so pretty in this pink dress! Take a look for yourself and you will see!

niigaki risa hot
Another side view of Niigaki Risa is here. This photo is simply amazing and it shows that Niigaki can be both cute and sexy at the same time. We can say that Atsuko Maeda should be getting some competition! Risa is really cute as well!

I have written a post that is paying tribute to the lovely Ms. Risa Niigaki because of what she has done for Morning Musume. Although Makoto Ogawa could be described as being more sexy, Risa Niigaki has that cute kind of look which I really like!

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