Morning Musume’s Makoto Ogawa retired


Makoto Ogawa: one of the 5th generation members of Morning Musume who is really beautiful

I know that recently I have covered the topic of Morning Musume members such as Kei Yasuda. Now the Morning Musume family has seen one of its members leave the entertainment industry for good. That member is Makoto Ogawa. Ogawa had said that she would leave her agency J.P. Room at the end of March 2015. Now it is April 2015 as I write this and we have no idea what Ogawa is about to do next. I sure hope that she gets involved with a good cause and really helps out this world. I have written before that Ogawa is a really gorgeous person and Morning Musume was lucky enough to have her as a member. I have only seen Ogawa in a bikini and not in a one piece swimsuit like gravure models such as Yoko Matsugane wear. But Ogawa is still very beautiful and lovely! In fact, Morning Musume members have been seen in their bikinis. The group goes by the name of Morning Musume 15 now and has Mizuki Fukumura as their leader. Below is a video showing Ogawa singing and dancing with Mari Yaguchi and Rika Ishikawa.


makoto ogawa risa niigaki morning musume
Here is a photo of all of the members of the 5th generation of Morning Musume. Makoto Ogawa is at the far left. Risa Niigaki is at the far right. The other two girls are Ai Takahashi and Asami Konno. Source:

Morning Musume is an all-female Japanese idol group that chooses its members for every generation based on an auditions system. These members get up on stage to sing, dance, and hold regular theatrical performances. This is similar to what the groups such as AKB48 and Berryz Kobo do as well. Ogawa was in the same generation as Ai Takahashi, and Risa Niigaki. While Niigaki has a really high cuteness factor, I really think that Ogawa is the member that is more elegant and charming. Ogawa and the 5th generation of Morning Musume members came after the 4th generation which included Ai Kago and Rika Ishikawa. In that generation, there also was Hitomi Yoshizawa whom I’ve also said is a really hot Japanese singer. I would like to congratulate Ogawa on her years spent in Morning Musume and for her desire to learn English. Yes, Ogawa went to New Zealand after leaving the group to study English. She would return to Japan in 2008. Good luck Makoto and we love you!!

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