Maeda Atsuko will hold concerts Tokyo and Osaka

Maeda Atsuko will hold concerts Tokyo and Osaka

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maeda atsuko weekly playboy 2009
Maeda Atsuko looks absolutely gorgeous in this high quality photo from the 44th issue of Weekly Playboy Magazine back in 2009 when she was still a member of AKB48. I love her long hair! Atsuko you really rock!!

Former AKB48 center and film actress Maeda Atsuko of Team A. She was known as the group’s “center” and was always a favorite among fans.

Maeda Atsuko formerly of the great girl group AKB48 is once again making news as we head into the month of March. It is being reported that she will hold live concerts on April 3rd and 4th respectively. She will perform in Tokyo on the 3rd and in Osaka on the 4th at the Zepp venues.

This is the first time that the pop singer and movie actress will perform at these venues. The concerts are being held to celebrate the release of her latest single called Seventh Chord which will be in stores on March 5.  Seventh Chord is also the name of the movie starring Maeda. I won’t be there to attend the concerts but those who buy a copy of the single will have a chance to get their tickets pre-ordered starting on March 5 at 6:00 PM. Tickets for these concerts will be going on sale to the public on March 22, 2014. In one of her first major public appearances since leaving AKB48, Maeda appeared on Asahi TV’s Music Station Live 2012 program. And who can forget the work that she has done appearing as a bikini model for various magazines. In 2010, Maeda went to Hawaii for the shooting of her photo book Acchan in Hawaii. In 2013, Maeda made appearances in Weekly Playboy and Shonen. Maeda goes by the nickname Acchan. She was one of the original girls of AKB48 along with Takahashi Minami.

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