Haruna Kojima is cover model for Peach John


    Peach John is the same lingerie brand that Anna Iriyama did modeling for and now another AKB48 member will do the same type of work. Haruna Kojima, one of the many members of girl group AKB48 who has done modeling for fashion brand Peach John since February 2013 has now been chosen as the model for that as well as Sailor Moon. She is in the pictures for the second line of Peach John and Sailor Moon’s collaboration items. Kojima is a huge fan of Sailor Moon and on the cover of Peach John, she is a sexy and cute person! Kojima has also been selected as the “ice queen” for the Peach John Lingerie CM!

    haruna kojima peach john lingerie cm image
    Haruna Kojima of AKB48 is dressed in lingerie for this Peach John commercial as she is surrounded by sheets of ice.

    Source of CM photo Haruna Kojima: http://nihongogo.com/2014/05/akb48s-haruna-kojima-turns-ice-queen-for-peach-john-lingerie-commercial.

    There has been speculation and talk of Kojima being the next AKB48 member to announce her graduation from the group. However, Kojma has denied this several times in many radio shows. Haruna Kojima, 27, is now officially the oldest member of AKB48 and she is one of the original AKB48 members that is still active with the group today. Minami Takahashi is the other member that has been with AKB48 since the group’s start. Kojima took part in the first audition for AKB48 in July 2005 along with 23 other girls and she passed it.  Nine years and two months later, she is still with AKB48 and she took part in the group’s 37th single Kokoro no Placard.

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