Coming Soon: Japanese Idol Anna Iriyama


It has been a long time but coming soon will be a biography of Japanese Idol Anna Iriyama of Chiba Prefecture! Iriyama appeared as a lingerie model for the Winter Edition of Peach John Magazine Volume 91 back in 2014. She has also worked as an actress, starring in TV Asahi’s drama called Kurofuku Monogatari. Iriyama plays the role of Seiko, a hostess at a hostess club called Juliet. Iriyama who spent much time with former AKB48 idol Rina Kawaei, showed her curves and bikini body while walking around at a beach in Hawaii. To see these awesome photos of Iriyama, you can see them if you read about them! If you are wondering whether these photos are better than Natsumi Abe’s stunning photos from Fin no Hito, I would tend to say no but they are both amazing in their own way! Japanese Idol Anna Iriyama will be 21 years old in December 2016 and I hope that she will stay with AKB48 for a long time! She is not one of the new gravure idols anymore, having made her debut in March 2010 but she is both cute and sexy as she shows in this awesome photo below!

japanese idol anna iriyama bikini pica flash special gravure magazine
This stunning photo of Japanese Idol Anna Iriyama is a preview of what’s to come! This photo is from FLASH Special Gravure Best magazine taken in September 2016!

Japanese Idol Anna Iriyama Profile

  • Birthday: December 3, 1995 (age 20)
  • Place of birth: Chiba, Japan
  • Height: 160 centimeters
  • Bust: 78 centimeters
  • Waist: 57 centimeters
  • Hips: 83 centimeters
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