Ayumi Ishida Morning Musume Idol And Bikini Model


Ayumi Ishida is a Japanese idol singer, member of girl group Morning Musume 16  (formerly known as Morning Musume) and an Asian bikini model that has released three photo books.

ayumi ishida morning musume 16
Ayumi Ishida of Sendai, Japan and member of Morning Musume 16.

With all the news about the graduation of Sayumi Michishige and the entry of Mizuki Fukumura as band leader it is important to give some attention to this young pop music singer. Ayumi Ishida is a member of the 10th generation and she is also under contract with the huge label Hello! Project. Ayumi Ishida was born on January 7, 1997 in Miyagi, Sendai Japan. Ishida’s training began at the young age of 12 when she took singing and dancing courses. In 2010, she became part of a dance class called the Rose Class and became one of the cheerleaders for the Rakuten Golden Eagles baseball team. It would be on September 29, 2011 that Ishida would be selected as part of Morning Musume’s 10th generation along with Haruna Iikubo, Masaki Sato, and Haruka Kudo.

The 11th generation would only have one winner and that member would be Sakura Oda.  Ishida has been a member of Morning Musume 14 and has witnessed the introduction of four new members that will begin their activities as part of the 12th generation in 2015. They are Haruna Ogata, Miki Nonaka, Maria Makino, and Akane Haga. Ayumi Ishida has also witnessed another major milestone in the history of the group. That is the 16th anniversary of Morning Musume which was on September 14, 2013. Source of all images: http://www.hello-online.org.

ayumi ishida morning musume bikini hello! project
Ayumi Ishida of Sendai poses in a bikini for the Hello! Project photo books involving Morning Musume.


Note: since Ishida joined Morning Musume, the group has changed names three times. They were known as Morning Musume 14 (2014), Morning Musume 15 (2015), and Morning Musume 16 in 2016.

ayumi ishida bikini hello! project
Another gorgeous shot of Ayumi Ishida posing in a bikini for the Hello! Project digital photo book series. She is on the sand enjoying herself.

Ishida was also a member of the sub-units Harvest and HI-FIN. Ishida has released the photo books Ishida Ayumi, Shine More, and It’s My Turn on June 27, 2016. That photo book was shot in two locations: Guam and her home prefecture of Miyagi.  Shine More was released on May 10, 2014.

Ayumi Ishida is a Japanese idol meaning that she is part of one of those pop musical groups. As part of her job, she must dress a certain way to present an image of cuteness. She must also attend performances in a theater and attend live concerts anytime Morning Musume 14 goes on a tour. For her young age, I think Ishida is really cute and sexy at the same time! Unlike the gravure or bikini models that focus on mainly modeling, Ayumi Ishida sings, dances on stage, and does modeling. She does all three of those things very well! In reference to Riho Sayashi, Ishida once said: “I thought I can never win over her and now I’ve come to be able to think I don’t want to lose to her. Sayashi is the member that once went out to dinner with former member Risa Niigaki back in 2011. It was also announced in February 2015 that Ishida will be a model for the next issue of the Hello! Project digital books. Maimi Yajima of the group C-ute was chosen as the plus model. She does her own version of the song Wagamama ki no Mama Ai no Joke and she looks adorable in this video!

Profile of Ayumi Ishida


  • Her hobbies include dancing and being involved with fashion.
  • She has the special skill of being able to braid hair.
  • She enjoys watermelons and candy flavored sodas.
  • Her favorite colors are pink, white, orange, and red.
  • Her favorite subject is mathematics.
  • She considers Airi Suzuki and Sayumi Michishige her role models.
  • Morning Musume’s producer called her performance skills high quality.
  • She is a big fan of Airi Suzuki and has declared her love and support for her at a 10th generation event in Nagoya.
  • She said that she would like to remake the song Morning Coffee if she was asked to write a song.
  • She said that she wants to spend less time perfecting her dances and to just enjoy being in Morning Musume.
  • She only eats tangerines as a midnight snack and nothing else.
  • Her favorite word in English is difficult.
  • Says that English is not one of her favorite subjects because she has a hard time remembering English words.
  • She is the only Morning Musume member along with Erina Ikuta to be born in 1997.
  • She would have been a hairdresser if she was not an idol singer.
  • She is not saving money for anything. She just likes saving.
  • In late 2015, she lost the title of being the shortest Morning Musume member to Oda Sakura.

How did the group come so far so that Ayumi Ishida became a part of the group?

It all started back in 1997 when Yuko Nakazawa (1997-2001) was named the group’s first band leader. She graduated from Morning Musume saying that she wanted to concentrate on other things in her 30’s. Then came the second generation members (1998-2003). This second generation included Kei Yasuda, Mari Yaguchi and of course, my favorite member Sayaka Ichii who showed her awesome bikini body for her photo book Self! I will skip to the 5th generation because that generation introduced to us Makoto Ogawa and Risa Niigaki, two of my favorite Momusu members of all time! So many members have joined the group and left but that is a nutshell of how we got here with the entry and success of Ayumi Ishida of Morning Musume!

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