Ayaka Umeda, beautiful Japanese singer AKB48

    ayaka umeda diva
    Ayaka Umeda of AKB48 is very beautiful. This photo was taken when Ayaka was doing a photo shoot wit the AKB48 sub-group called DIVA.

    Quick biography of Ayaka Umeda

    • Name is Umeda Ayaka in Japan
    • Born on January 3, 1989 in Fukuoka Japan, the same city that former member Mariko Shinoda is from.
    • Bust is listed at 78 centimeters
    • Her waist is listed at 59 centimeters.
    • Her hips are listed at 82 centimeters.
    • She made her AKB48 debut in February 2006 as part of the group’s second generation.
    • She was the captain of Team B before her transfer to NMB48.
    • She has worked as a lingerie model for magazines such as Weekly Playboy in Japan. (Note: for those of you that are interested in Japanese idol photo shoots, check out the post on Yui Takano!)

    Ayaka Umeda is a Japanese pop music singer and a member of the famous girl group AKB48. She has also been featured in magazines as a model. In April 2011, she appeared in Weekly Playboy Magazine with former members Yuka Masuda and Sayaka Akimoto. The theme for the photo shoot was “Light of the Moon, Shadow of the Sun.” The girls were dressed in sexy black lingerie.  Ayaka also really enjoys reading high quality fashion magazines. Since Ayaka is still a member of AKB48, she has sung in the group’s latest single called Heart Ereki. Other recent singles that she has participated in include Koisuru Fortune Cookie, Sayonara Crawl, So Long, Eien Pressure, UZA, and Gingham Check. When she began her career with AKB48, she was a member of Team K but she was transferred to Team B in August 2012 and was given the position of team captain. Although she may be one of the lesser attractive AKB48 members, Ayaka Umeda still is able to keep up that cuteness that she has. Her charm point is considered to be her nose. Her career would have to be put on hold when in December 2006, she suffered a stress fracture in her leg and she had to take a hiatus from the group. Her time spent away from AKB48 was one year and five months. She used this time to recover and rehabilitate from the injury. Ayaka Umeda would make her return to AKB48 in May 2008 just in time for the start of Team K’s fourth stage performances. Ayaka originally took part in the seventh generation auditions for Morning Musume but she did not make it past the second round. Singer Koharu Kusumi is the only 7th generation member in Morning Musume’s history. In February 2014, Ayaka Umeda will have celebrated her 8th year with AKB48. I hope that she stays with the group for a while because Yuko Oshima who may be my favorite AKB48 member announced that she will be graduating from AKB48. And the lovely Mariko Shinoda also left AKB48 last July followed by Tomomi Itano a month later. AKB48 will continue to excel and succeed with members like Ayaka around.


    ayaka umeda diva
    Here is Ayaka Umeda in the same photo shoot but at a different angle.

    Her favorite artist is the group EXILE. Their former member HIRO married actress Aya Ueto in September 2012. Ayaka’s favorite AKB48 song is Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka. Her favorite AKB48 song to sing on stage is End Roll. Her favorite AKB48 outfit is also End Roll. She is very close to former AKB48 member Megumi Ohori.


    ayaka umeda lingerie
    This photo of Ayaka is a gorgeous one from 2011. In this one, Ayaka has a smile on her face while dressed in blue lingerie. Even one of the lesser attractive AKB48 girls proves to be cute!

    Source of above photo is http://ameblo.jp/hanabiratachi48/day-20110421.html. Ayaka Umeda of AKB48 and captain of Team B. Note: as of February 24, 2014, Umeda is now the captain of NMB48’s Team B2. It was during an AKB48 group shuffle that she was completely transferred to NMB48. As an interesting side note, Ayaka is now in the same idol group as Sayaka Yamamoto! Yamamoto is the captain of Team N.

    Her favorite foods are salmon and chocolate. Ayaka says that her favorite season is summer. Ayaka is very skilled at dancing, calligraphy, and physical exercise. She is left-handed. She learned the skill of dancing by herself. It is no surprise that she was named as a captain of Team B because a good captain needs to have a great stage presence and be a great leader. She first experienced love when she was 13 years old. Ayaka starred in the movie Ultraman Saga which featured several AKB48 members including Sae Miyazawa and Sayaka Akimoto. Ayaka Umeda has also appeared in a few TV variety shows including AKBINGO! Umeda finally graduated from NMB48 on March 20, 2016.



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