Aya Matsuura is getting married

    Aya Matsuura is getting married

    aya matsuura getting married
    Aya Matsuura is as beautiful as ever with a smile like that! She is just a sweet person.

    Solo singer Aya Matsuura getting married!

    There was a long time with no updates from Aya Matsuura. But here is some exciting news about this pop music beauty. According to a report from sources for Nikkan Sports, the singer and actress and Keita Tachibana, band member for boy band w-inds are getting married. The two have dated since 2001 and have spent more time together. Matsuura and her fiance have moved into an apartment in Tokyo. It is thought that their decision to get married is because of the fact that Matsuura has endometriosis and this condition can lead to her being unable to give birth. If they wanted to have a baby, the time to have it would run out as the disease progresses. However, there is now no confirmation yet from either party about their plans to get married. Note: as of August 4, 2013, Tachibana and Matsuura are married. Matsuura is the best friend of former Morning Musume member Miki Fujimoto (Shoji). The two of them were in a two person group called GAM. They even met up in Orlando, Florida back in 2011! Congratulations to Keita Tachibana and Aya Matsuura as they start a new life together! Matsuura put on a beautiful LIVE performance of the song Watarasebashi back in 2010. and she was wearing the same beautiful dress that she had worn during one of the concerts with GAM. Aya Matsuura getting married was one of the best news stories of 2013!

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