Asami Abe gets married and retires

    Asami Abe gets married and retires

    asami abe

    asami abe imageJapanese singer Asami Abe, the younger sister of Natsumi Abe is seen here in this photo in a pretty dress. She seems to be sitting down to relax. Of the Abe sisters, Natsumi is obviously the more popular one. But her sister had gotten much attention after she made a big decision that will change the course of her life if it has not already. I bet that all Natsumi Abe fans would like to know what she has been up to these days. Her younger sister Asami Abe got married on November 11, 2011. She was learning how to cook before the wedding. Her current husband is actually a curator. He is said to be eight years older than her. That would make him 34 years old as of 2011. The couple ended up meeting at the party of an acquaintance and had dated two years before the marriage. 2011 marked the ninth year since Asami Abe had entered the entertainment industry. Outside of her main job that she had done since 2003, Asami Abe has now gotten a license to practice as a home care worker. She had shown interest in a job in that field since the Tohoku earthquake. After she registered her marriage on that day, Asami Abe announced also that she would be retiring from the entertainment business.

    Asami Abe has also said that she plans to learn new things every day and to help by becoming a good wife. Abe is also extremely grateful that she was able to live her dream of becoming a singer. She is also grateful for the encounters and life experiences that she has had up to this point. Her sister Natsumi Abe is a former member of the famous Japanese musical group Morning Musume. We wish Asami Abe a very happy life. Asami now wants to focus on becoming a housewife. Asami Abe was born on February 27, 1985 just one day after Miki Fujimoto was born! That’s really interesting isn’t it? Asami likes to listen to music as a hobby. She was signed to the talent agency Watanabe Entertainment. Natsumi Abe just turned 32 years old a few days ago on August 10. Asami Abe has also done some modeling and has appeared in a bikini.

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