Video NMB48 Single Warota People


There is a PV (Promotional video) for the single Warota People by idol group NMB48 that is now available on YouTube. I heard the song and it is very fast paced and exciting!

warota people nmb48
A look at a still image for the music video of the song Warota People.

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Typically, these idol groups will release a promotional video for a song before it is released as a single. AKB48 did this with their 32nd single called Koi Suru Fortune Cookie the single that came out after their then record-breaking daily single Sayonara Crawl.

Warota People will be released as a single on December 27, 2017. It has member Miru Shiroma who was chosen to be a center for this single. This single is also the first one for member Momoka Iwata for the first time as a Senbatsu girl. A member that is Senbatsu for a single means that they were ranked in the top 16.

The video was directed by Ippei Morita and the choreography was done by CRE8BOY. Warota People will be the 17th single by NMB48.

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