Some thoughts about idol group NMB48


A large group photo of NMB48. In the center is “Sayanee” Sayaka Yamamoto!

nmb48 band photo
A photo of girl group NMB48 taken in December 2013. Sayaka Yamamoto of Team N is at the center.

Japanese idol group NMB48. Source:

Those of you that have followed what has gone on with this site know that I have dedicated much time to covering AKB48. But for now, I wanted to just focus on one of the other groups NMB48. NMB48 is a Japanese girl group based in Osaka. It is one of the “sister” musical groups of NMB48 founded by producer Yasushi Akimoto in 2010. He wanted to expand AKB48’s influence and see if they could get exposure in other countries in Asia. The song called Renai Higaitodoke is a B-side song to the single “Kitagawa Kenji” and it is my favorite NMB48 song so far!

So far, that strategy has worked out because there are now musical groups in China (SNH48) and Indonesia (JKT48). One of the youngest members of NMB48 is Miru Shiroma, 17. She is just starting to get noticed by the fans. In 2014, she was ranked in the general elections for the first time. Shiroma was ranked at #43. NMB48 has had some memorable moments in their career so far. One of them is the addition of singer Ayaka Umeda who transferred from AKB48 in February 2014. Miyuki Watanabe who is referred as “Sayamilky” because of her popularity and friendship with Sayaka Yamamoto, was on the cover of Big Comic Spirits Magazine in February 2015. Aki Takajo known as AKICHA also was on the cover of that magazine in 2011.

One big common theme among the members of NMB48 is that they eventually “graduate” or leave the group to work on other areas of the entertainment industry. The most recent graduation was that of Nana Yamada. Yui Takano also recently announced that she will be graduating from NMB48 as well. It was AKB48 that introduced this concept first. The most notable graduation in that group’s history was when Atsuko Maeda left in August 2012. Maeda has always been a fan favorite and she was considered to be the “face of AKB48.” And then other graduations followed such as when Mariko Shinoda left the group. She has done modeling work as well, appearing in lingerie for magazines such as Young Jump. Other famous members that have graduated include Sayaka Akimoto and Tomomi Itano. Minami Takahashi will be graduating in December 2015. Her graduation will mean that there will no longer be any original members of AKB48 remaining from the early years. This is because former member Yuko Oshima graduated in June 2014 after the 37th single Senbatsu Elections. Oshima was with AKB48 from April 2006 through June 2014. Her last performance as center came in the single called Mae shika Mukanee. She would then release her photo book Nugiyagare! Oshima would do the work for that book in Spain.


nmb48 miyuki watanabe sayaka yamamoto Japanese idols Miyuki Watanabe (left) and Sayaka Yamamoto (right) in 2011 for UTB Magazine.

For those of you that are interested in checking out some of my other posts about Japanese idols and photo shoots, one of my earlier posts about Yoko Matsugane would suffice. Or one gravure model who is kind of popular is Ai Shinozaki. Shinozaki is known for having a cute look while she poses in either swimsuits or bikinis. Japanese idols such as Atsuko Maeda have also posed in bikinis. Maeda showed her bikini body in 2010 while hanging out with other AKB48 members such as the mentioned Yuko Oshima. Maeda is one of many Japanese idols that has done modeling work. Other celebrities that have posed in bikinis or swimsuits are Rio Natsume, 30, of Chiba, Japan and Rina Koike, 21. Even with those graduations, these idol groups still have several famous, popular members remaining. One of them is the amazing Sayaka Yamamoto of Team N. She’s my favorite NMB48 member. In December 2014, Yamamoto teamed up with Haruka Shimazaki for a holiday style photo shoot for Weekly Playboy Magazine. The theme of the photo shoot was Shangri-La. Recently, the idol singer and model was seen dressed in black lingerie. That photo shoot is one of the best for Yamamoto who is one of the most beautiful members in the history of NMB48. NMB48’s  single when I first updated this post is the one called Don’t Look Back! Since then, the group has had the massively successful single called Durian Shounen featuring the participation of Ririka Suto and Sayaka Yamamoto! NMB48 has released two more singles since then. They are:

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