Morning Musume turns 16!


Japanese girl group Morning Musume turns 16!

rika ishikawa kei yasuda morning musume turns 16
Rika Ishikawa (left) and Kei Yasuda (right) were both members of Morning Musume. Ishikawa would go on to form the duo Hangry & Angry with Hitomi Yoshizawa.

Former members Rika Ishikawa and Kei Yasuda of Morning Musume are looking lovely! But Rika’s dress is really awesome with the assorted colors. Photo is from

Pop music group Morning Musume marked their 16th anniversary on September 14, 2013. Yes, this is a very happy occasion  for a very popular band.

The significance as Morning Musume turns 16

Band leader Sayumi Michishige was very grateful adding that the group was able to make it through these 16 years because of support from the fans. In the music business, many groups do not last very long but Morning Musume has been around for more than a decade and a half. The group was formed in September 1997 just a few short months after I finished high school. During the event, Morning Musume performed the song “Renai Revolution 21” with new choreography.

Michishige who has been with the group since 2003 gave credit to the earlier generations of members that worked hard. Producer TSUNKU also had a voice message saying that he has added a concert which will be performed at the venue Nippon Budokan as part of their concert tour which will start on September 21st. Member Sakura Oda said that she had a dream where the group’s extra performance was at that same venue. She had what can be called a precognitive dream. Morning Musume has had many members come and go. Yuko Nakazawa was part of their first generation of members and she was 24 years old back then. Kei Yasuda who recently got married was part of the group’s second generation of members. And there are two of my favorite Japanese celebrities that were also members of Morning Musume at one time.  They are the lovely Miki Fujimoto who is a native of Hokkaido and Rika Ishikawa who was part of the group’s fourth generation of members. Rika Ishikawa especially also looks great in bikinis along with Fujimoto. The first Morning Musume song that I heard was Morning Coffee and since than I have not looked back. Congratulations Morning Musume! You are great!!

As Morning Musume turns 16, they will evolve as a group and they certainly have. Since that history making moment, the group has changed band leaders. They have also undergone a name change three times. They were known as Morning Musume 14, Morning Musume 15, and Morning Musume 16. They have released several good songs. A few of these are Wagamama ki no Mama Ai no Joke, Oh My Wish! and Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi.

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