Idol Group Morning Musume since 2013


What has idol group Morning Musume done since 2013 that is significant enough to deserve a whole post on it? They have done plenty of notable things since then.

Since I switched to my current web address back in May 2013, there have been many significant events in the career of Japanese idol group Morning Musume. For instance, I wrote that former member Ai Takahashi was seen displaying her bikini body for FLASH Magazine back in 2011. I also wrote that former first generation member Asuka Fukuda made her return to the entertainment industry when she formed the band called Peace$tone in February 2011. Most recently though, the group just had to come to terms with the retirement of Makoto Ogawa from the entertainment business. But through all of this, Morning Musume has released 14 full length albums and now 60 singles as of 2016. The group went by the name of Morning Musume 14 in 2014. They are now under the name of Morning Musume 15 but I am sure that most fans will always remember the group by its original name of Morning Musume. Idol group Morning Musume now has 12 generations of members including the four girls that now make up that 12th generation. Thank you to all the people who have seen my web page go through the changes that it has. Thank you for stopping by to read the content! Thank you for all your support! In addition to all the posts that I have written about idol group Morning Musume and AKB48, I have also written about Korean race queens and the sexy Korean pop diva Hyori Lee.

Morning Musume 15’s Riho Sayashi. Sayashi made news back in 2011 when she had gone out to dinner with Risa Niigaki.

riho sayashi idol group  morning musume
A gorgeous photo of Riho Sayashi of Morning Musume 15 in a bikini!!

In addition to their regular theatrical performances and handshake events, members of Morning Musume and other idol groups do modeling work where they appear on the cover of magazines. This is known as gravure modeling. Some of them even do photo shoots in locations far away from their home. For instance, current AKB48 singer and bikini model Aki Takajo did a photo shoot on the island of Guam in 2011. Tokyo’s Ai Shinozaki made an appearance for Weekly Playboy Magazine in 2009. And this gravure model has also been seen in a one-piece swimsuit! Back when I started this website, I had a pictures gallery of Yoko Matsugane. But a few months later, I wrote a biography of this beautiful supermodel from Ibaraki Prefecture. And of course, former fifth generation member Risa Niigaki also has done modeling work as well, appearing in the photo book called Acension which was released on April 27, 2012. Niigaki is now a movie actress and solo singer. She was a member of Morning Musume when the group’s 41st single called Kimagure Princess was released. There is a video that was made for this song. If you have not heard Kimagure Princess, this is one of those songs that I really recommend that you listen to! Congratulations to the very cute Risa Niigaki and the rest of the Morning Musume members past and present! And for all the attention being paid to Mizuki Fukumura’s ascent to the role of band leader, I think Ayumi Ishida of Sendai should be given consideration as well! Ayumi is really cute and sexy especially in a bikini as she is seen here during the filming of Alo Hello 7 in 2014:


ayumi ishida bikini pic
The sexy Ayumi Ishida of Sendai! I think this one is self-explanatory!

This group is now called Morning Musume 16 s of 2016. They have 60 singles including the one called Oh My Wish! Their latest single however is their 60th one called Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi.

Idol group Morning Musume has also seen the emergence of the very cute Ayumi Ishida of Sendai who has released three photo books including the one called It’s My Turn.

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