Idol Group Morning Musume 16 Has Two New Members


Japanese idol group Morning Musume 16 has two new members that will be a part of its 13th generation. The audition for the 13th generation was started back in January 2016 but no one was chosen at that time. The audition process was restarted in June and two girls were chosen as the winners! The girls were chosen from Hello! Project Kenshuusei (the training program that these girls are a part of before they can become members). The two girls chosen are Kaede Kaga, 17, and Reina Yokoyama, 15. This is also the first time in Morning Musume’s history that a new generation consisted of two girls. The third generation and 11th generation each had only one member that was selected. These were Maki Goto and Oda Sakura. Note: for those of you that are interested in checking out my blog site about Japanese idol group Morning Musume, you can take a look at it. It is called At the time that I started that blog, Morning Musume was known as Morning Musume 14.


Kaga and Yokoyama’s names were mentioned for the first time at the famous venue Nippon Budokan during the latest Morning Musume tour. The group was having a concert as part of their Morning Musume 16 concert tour with the theme of My Vision. Every musical group should have a vision for what they want to do each year and as long as they want to work as a group. I am so excited for Morning Musume 16 as they head into 2017 and I hope that they can continue to release more good songs! Morning Musume 16 is not only famous for its songs but its members have also released photo books. For instance, Risa Niigaki released the photo book Ascension. And of course, Natsumi Abe relased the photo book SUBWAY back in 2012. SUBWAY featured Abe exploring New York City or relaxing in her hotel room while dressed in beautiful lingerie! However, her finest moment so far in her modeling career is when she released the photo book Fin No Hito! Take a look at it and you will see that Abe still has massive sex appeal even in her 30s! It is one of her best photo books.

The Significance of the New Generation for Idol Group Morning Musume 16

The significance of this moment should be put into perspective. Morning Musume 16 is still active after almost 20 years! They are still active while the idol group C-ute has revealed that they will disband in June 2017. And Berryz Kobo another well-known girl group is on indefinite suspension as of 2015. Morning Musume has also had to deal with scandals such as reports that Miki Fujimoto was dating then boyfriend Tomoharu Shoji when she was the leader of the group. Fujimoto admitted to the romance and then resigned from the group in 2007. But in spite of that scandal, Morning Musume has released 14 studio albums and have 60 singles. The 60th single was on top of the Oricon Music Charts after its release on December 29, 2015. The single before that one is called Oh My Wish! Morning Musume has many great singles including Morning Coffee, Password is 0 and Wagamama ki no Mama Ai no Joke. They have had several band leaders including Yuko Nakazawa who I believe has one of the best bikini bodies among all the Morning Musume members. And then of course, the 2nd generation of the group has a few of my favorite members like Kei Yasuda and Sayaka Ichii. I would say that Yasuda used to be my favorite 2nd generation member but that favorite member is now Sayaka Ichii. After the entrance of Maki Goto into the group, the 4th generation came along. That generation has members such as Rika Ishikawa and Ai Kago. The 5th generation has my favorite member the lovely Makoto Ogawa! However, I really think that it is important to mention Risa Niigaki’s name as well. I wrote a tribute post about Risa Niigaki because she is also one of my favorite members from the 5th generation. Niigaki was a member of Morning Musume from 2001 through 2012. She sang on the awesome song Kimagure Princess and served for a while as Morning Musume’s leader. Niigaki also got married to actor Yoshikazu Kotani. The 6th generation of members had Eri Kamei, Miki Fujimoto, Reina Tanaka, and Sayumi Michishige who recently revealed that she will be resuming her activities after a long hiatus. The 7th and 8th generations had members like Aika Mitsui and Koharu Kusumi. The 9th generation has members such as Erina Ikuta and Mizuki Fukumura. Mizuki became the leader of Morning Musume after the graduation of Sayumi Michishige in November 2014. And of course, the 10th generation has Ayumi Ishida who is probably my favorite member of Morning Musume due to the fact that she is so cute!! Here is a brief look at the two new members of Japanese idol group Morning Musume 16:


Idol group Morning Musume 16 member Reina Yokoyama

 Source of photos:


reina yokoyama idol group morning musume 16
A photo of Reina Yokoyama of Morning Musume 16.
  • Birthday is February 22, 2001
  • She is from the city of Saitama.
  • Her hobbies are singing and dancing.
  • She is skilled in alto saxophone and jazz dancing.


Japanese idol group Morning Musume 16 member Kaede Kaga


kaede kaga idol group morning musume 16
Kaede Kaga of Morning Musume 16. She is cute even with short hair!
  • Birthday is November 30, 1999
  • She is from Tokyo.
  • Her hobbies are karaoke and anime.
  • She is skilled in trumpet and kendo.
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