Yoko Kumada sexy Japanese gravure idol

Yoko Kumada sexy Japanese gravure idol

yoko kumada image
Yoko Kumada shows her figure and sexiness in this photo. Her eyes are also one of her best features and they sparkle. A truly amazing photo here.

The name Yoko Kumada should be a name that fans of Japanese gravure models recognize by now. It is easy to confuse her with Yoko Matsugane who is another gravure model but that has bigger breasts. And interestingly enough, Yoko Matsugane was born almost two weeks after Yoko Kumada was. Kumada was born on May 13 while Yoko Matsugane was born on May 26. They were both born in the same year of 1982. However, Yoko Kumada is from the Gifu Prefecture while Yoko Matsugane is from Ibaraki. Yoko Kumada started her career in entertainment back in 2002. As of 2011, she has released a pretty large volume of work which includes 27 photo books and 45 image DVD’s. Among Asian swimsuit models, Yoko Kumada has not received the amount of recognition as Aki Hoshino but I believe that she beats Aki in the sexiness category. Aki Hoshino is cute but Yoko Kumada has by far the better overall figure and she is sexier. You can see for yourself in this photo of Yoko here:

yoko kumada image
Yoko’s sexiness is on display here as she looks amazing in this black lingerie!

.yoko kumada high quality photo

Kumada is seen here dressed up in some pretty nice clothing.

But Yoko was originally a student at nursing school before she changed her mind and decided to focus on modeling instead.

yoko kumada bikini image
Yoko Kumada is in a seductive red bikini in this photo that will make your heart turn to mush!

This Japanese beauty has also tried her talents at singing. She has released three singles in 2006 and an album called “Lady Child” in 2007. She has appeared in various magazines over the years. She appeared in Tokyo Girls Collection in 2008, Shibuya Girls Collection in 2009, in Kobe Girls Collection in 2010.  Yoko has dressed up in lingerie for her photo shoots and dressed up in bikinis with Misako Yasuda for their many photo shoots together. And yes, Yoko Kumada is now married and gave birth to a baby girl last year. And like some gravure idols such as Aki Hoshino and Yoko Matsugane, Kumada is now in her 30s and she is still looking very beautiful! Just take a look at this awesome photo below. It is from http://erminn.sakura.tv/?nameid=3248.

Yoko Kumada (left0 is seen here with fellow gravure model Misako Yasuda and they are both looking really pretty. I wonder where this photo was taken.
Yoko Kumada (left) is seen here with fellow gravure model Misako Yasuda and they are both looking really pretty. I wonder where this photo was taken.



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