Supermodel Miwa Oshiro is one hot woman

miwa oshiro image

Miwa Oshiro is really sexy in this photo. I wonder if this photo was taken in Japan? And even if it wasn’t this is a great photo of Miwa. So beautiful that you can get aroused by this!

Supermodels are plenty in number, especially in Japan. Miwa Oshiro and Ayumi Kinoshita are considered to be among the top 50 sexiest gravure idols around.  Not to be confused with beach volleyball player Miwa Asao, Miwa Oshiro was born on August 26, 1983 to a father from Okinawa and her mother is from Hokkaido. And that’s who I will discuss first. She is one really hot woman I will tell you!  I have known about her for years but I didn’t realize how beautiful this 30-year-old is until a little while back! I have included some of the best photos of this young, hot Japanese babe! although bikini models such as Yoko Matsugane and Aki Hoshino dominate the modeling industry in Japan, Miwa Oshiro should get attention too.

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miwa oshiro image

This one is by far the best of the photos that you have seen so far. She is so sweet and sexy!

Profile of Miwa Oshiro

  • Height is 154 centimeters
  • Blood type is O
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Bust 88 centimeters
  • Waist: 54 centimeters
  • Hips: 84 centimeters

When she is not busy with her modeling activities, Miwa enjoys spending time on her personal computer and shopping. She is skilled in playing the baton. Miwa has also appeared in several movies as an actress. Here is the list of what she has done so far:

miwa oshiro image

She seems to be having lots of fun. I know I would if I was there with her!

  • Maui Densetsu (2001)
  • Crazy for mie? (2001)
  • Tele Tesa Angel Eye – Private Resort (2002)
  • Final Beauty (2002)
  • D-Splash! (2002)
  • Treasure Vol 13 (2003)
  • Miwa In Hawaii (2003)
  • Cover Girls (2003)
  • Nishojo Tanteidan – Asuka Kara No Kaze (2003)
  • Miwa Oshiro -SuperCharge- (2003)
  • Idol One: Perfume (2003)
  • Se-Jo! Series A: Miwa Oshiro (2004)
  • Silky Collection Se-Jo! 2 B (2004)
  • Beach Angels – Miwa Oshiro in Belau (2004)
  • A Day Off (2005)
  • Tukkataa (2006)
miwa oshiro

She has a great body here as you can see from this angle. What a great shot as the photo shows Miwa’s sexiness. Too beautiful.

miwa oshiro

Miwa Oshiro just keeps on getting sexier by the second! Her legs are something!

miwa oshiro

What an awesome body she’s got! And her eyes are pretty too.

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