Misako Yasuda Gravure Idol Actress


Who is Misako Yasuda?

Misako Yasuda is a Japanese supermodel, (gravure idol) movie and TV actress. She is seen in many photo shoots with fellow supermodel Yoko Kumada (not to be confused with Yoko Matsugane who I think is much prettier and sexier).  Misako can also be classified as an Asian bikini model because she does lots of photo sessions in a bikini. Misako entered this lovely world of ours on April 21, 1982. She stands at 162 centimeters tall. A native of the city of Uji, Misako has the type O blood type. Uji is in the Kyoto Prefecture. And there is also a city in Japan by that same name.

misako yasuda princess collection
This beautiful photo of Misako is from the 2012 edition of the Princess Collections.

Her first appearance in a TV drama of any kind came in 2004 when she starred in the 10th episode of Ranpo R. This was followed by Call me CA! in 2006 and Joshi Ana Icchokusen in 2007.In 2008, Misako starred in Loss:Time:Life and 81 Diver in 2008. In 2009, another TV drama appearance for her was in Ninkyo Helper. Misako is a diverse actress who has also appeared in a few TV movies. The first such appearance was in 2006. She starred in The School of Water Business. This was followed by the TV movies Freezing Point also in 2006 and Kyo Wa Shibuya de Rokuji in 2008. Misako’s debut movie appearance was in 2004 in the movie Space Police. In 2006, she starred in The Cottage. Three years later in 2009, she starred in April Bride. As of 2014, her most recent drama role was in Tetsuko no Sodate-kata. And the latest film she starred in was Bay Blues: 25-sai to 364-nichi in 2014.

Yasuda has worked as a model posing for many magazines such as Weekly Playboy Magazine, Friday Magazine, and Sabra Magazine.  In that first Sabra Magazine photo shoot, the theme was called Wild Fairy. That took place in 2004.

misako yasuda bikini sabra magazine
Misako Yasuda is in a stunning bikini for Sabra Magazine back in 2004!

In 2009, she took part in another Sabra Magazine photo shoot. This one also featured Jun Natsukawa. Yasuda is also active physically. It was in 2010 that Yasuda decided to go on a midnight run. The event was called NIKE RUN-CLUB Girls Special. This running event lasted three weeks and it was 2.2 kilometers.

misako yasuda bomb.tv
Misako Yasuda from 2004 for the gravure channel bomb.tv

Back in 2012, it was reported that Yasuda was dating fashion designer Naoyuki Shimotori. Yasuda married Shimotori as the couple held their wedding reception and ceremony in Tokyo on April 5, 2015.

Misako Yasuda Trivia and Interesting Facts

  • She is a Taurus.
  • Her blood type is O.
  • Misako has a twin brother.
  • She is a graduate of Azuma High School and Isetan University.
  • She is skilled at playing the piano and participating in basketball.
  • She has a great appreciation for music.
  • In addition to her native Japanese, Misako also speaks English and Mandarin Chinese.



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