Miki Fujimoto Beautiful Japanese Pop Singer

Miki Fujimoto Beautiful Japanese Pop Singer

japanese idol singer miki fujimoto
Japanese idol singer Miki Fujimoto (Shoji). She was with girl group Morning Musume from 2003 through 2007

Miki Fujimoto is one of the most recognizable celebrities in Japan

Miki Fujimoto, a Japanese pop music singer was born on February 26, 1985 in the city of Takikawa in Japan. Takikawa is on the island of Hokkaido. I discovered information about Miki when I was reading about some of the other singers such as Risa Niigaki and Aya Matsuura both of whom I have done a blog post about already. If you enjoyed reading those two entries then you will certainly enjoy reading this one. I enjoy some of the Japanese pop music as well and I think that it is better than the mainstream pop music in the United States. Below is a video of her 6th solo single Okitegami released in 2008. This song almost brings tears to my eyes! English subtitles are provided in this video for those of us that don’t speak Japanese.

miki fujimoto 2014
Singer Miki Fujimoto seen here at the event called Forest For Rest: Satoyama e Ikou in 2014.

Short biography of Miki Fujimoto

  • She enjoys watching movies.
  • Her favorite colors are black and white.
  • Her favorite flower is the sunflower.
  • She says that her favorite season is summer.
  • Her favorite foods include yakiniku, natto and meat.
  • The foods that she dislikes are cauliflower, broccoli, taro and scallions.
  • Her favorite song is listed as Romantic Ukare Mode.
  • Miki’s favorite artists are her best friend Aya Matsuura, Christina Aguilera and Namie Amuro.
  • She is also good friends with Hitomi Yoshizawa.


Fujimoto in 2002 at the young age of 17 attempted to join the popular Japanese all female pop music group called Morning Musume. But she was not successful. But as future events would dictate, Fujimoto was about to rise to stardom!

Fujimoto starts to succeed

Miki Fujimoto finally got her first taste of success when she performed well on New Year’s Eve in 2003 on a music program called Kohaku Uta Gassen. Fujimoto’s dream of joining Morning Musume was finally realized!

In June of 2006 Fujimoto and her best friend Aya Matsuura formed another Hello Project but this time it was under a different name called GAM. In September of 2006, this group’s first single was released. Two more singles were created and released before there was an LP released in May 2007. At this same time after Hitomi Yoshizawa graduated Fujimoto took her place as the fifth leader of Morning Musume. So far, Morning Musume has had nine band leaders in their 18 year history. As of 2015, the group is led by Mizuki Fukumura, 19 of Tokyo.

Scandal involving Fujimoto

According to a Japanese gossip magazine called Friday, there was a rumor circulating around that Miki Fujimoto had been involved in a scandal with now current husband Tomoharu Shoji who is involved as a member of a comedy group called Shinagawa Shoji. Fujimoto confirmed on a radio show that the pictures in that magazine were pictures of her. The agency that she has a contract with is called Up-Front Agency. The agency did not want to get involved in the situation because they could not prove that Shoji and Fujimoto were dating. After this incident, Fujimoto resigned from Morning Musume in June of 2007. If Fujimoto had remained a member in Morning Musume after the admission that she was dating, management would have demoted her or kicked her out of the group. But Fujimoto was able to save her career by resigning from Morning Musume.

Miki Fujimoto  and Tomoharu Shoji would get married in July 2009. As of 2010 Fujimoto has now rejoined the other Morning Musume members in a new group called Dream Morning Musume. Miki is now known as Miki Shoji but still uses her maiden surname when she records music. In September of 2010, Miki joined another group by the name of Afternoon Musume. There are so many of these kinds of group names that I find it amazing. Most recently, it was announced in September 2011 that Miki is pregnant with her first child. In March 2012, a son Toranosuke was born. In August 2015, Fujimoto would once again give birth, this time to a baby girl.The sixth generation of Morning Musume has a few of my favorite members in it. One of them is obviously Fujimoto and the other is Eri Kamei. Kamei would eventually sing on the excellent single called Kimagure Princess!

Trivia about Miki

  • She sang Ayumi Hamasaki’s song called “Depend on you” as part of her Avex dream audition.
  • When she was a child, Miki wanted to become an enka singer because her grandmother had a big influence on her.
  • She would have worked in a nursing home as a caretaker if she had not been a singer.
  • Miki is the youngest child in her family.
  • She dropped out of high school in April 2001 to pursue a career as a solo artist.
  • As of February 2011, Miki Fujimoto is the proud owner of a yakiniku restaurant and this is a special style of Japanese cooking.
  • She went through one year of training before her solo debut.
  • She worked at Up-Front Agency as a receptionist while she was in training.
  • Her favorite phrase is “Have Fun!” That is a great way to live life and it is the best way to live life.

I have not listed everything about Miki Fujimoto here because I always want to make my content unique for all of you to enjoy. I have included photos from her various photo books and I will give a description of the photos. This is really going to be fun. Miki has been a part of the following photo books:

Real 226



Alo Hello!



All the photos are from the website www.yui-life.com. For more information about Hello Project and other Japanese pop music singers, check out my blog posts about Aya Matsuura and cute Japanese pop singer Risa Niigaki.

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More Updates:

I have added some more photos of Miki. They are from the website http://www.hellproject.com/images/Fujimoto_Miki unless otherwise noted. I especially love the photos where she is on stage.

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Note: for at least 5 years, Fujimoto was my favorite 6th generation member. But as of 2017, my favorite member of that generation is now Eri Kamei.

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