Megumi Yasu among most popular Japanese women

Megumi Yasu among most popular Japanese women

megumi yasu
megumi yasu among most popular japanese women
A photo of gravure model Megumi Yasu in a beautiful gray dress. She does not have to wear just a bikini to be beautiful!

Female celebrities are always popular among young men especially in Japan. Japanese women in miniskirts are always popular too. A few days ago, I wrote about gravure model and actress Megumi Yasu. She has been named as one of the most popular Japanese women!

This Asian bikini model is now part of an exclusive list of Japanese celebrities that are well liked by single men in Japan. There is a marriage counseling platform called Onet. That released a series of results in June 2013. There were surveys that were conducted asking these single men what kind of female figure they like and which female celebrity has the kind of figure that they prefer. Megumi Yasu came in 2nd place behind Kyoko Fukada. But the results were different in each age group. Among people aged 20-24, Megumi received almost 16% of the vote, 19% of the vote among those aged 25-29, 30% of the vote among those aged 30-34 and for those aged 35-39, she got over 22% of the vote. A total of 665 men took part in the survey. Supermodel Sayaka Isoyama got an impressive 5th place vote. That’s not a bad finish considering the fact that Japan is loaded with gorgeous women. That is of course if you like Asian women. Among men aged 20-24, Isoyama received 15% of the fans votes, 12% of the vote in the 25-29 age range, 15% in the 30-34 age range category and 18% of the vote in the 35-39 age bracket. I rounded up the numbers to make it so that I do less work.

I prefer Sayaka Isoyama out of the list of those Japanese women because she’s got awesome legs and her upper body is just amazing!

Sayaka took a test that measures English skill and she did quite well, scoring in the third level on that test.


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