Junko Kaieda beautiful swimsuit model


Japanese bikini model Junko Kaieda is another one of those Japanese models that will just take your breath away. Junko is part of an industry in Japan that you could say has its own identity. Gravure modeling is big business in Japan and it is also a form of entertainment, exciting fans all over the world. The concept of gravure modeling used to exist in the United States during the 1950s but it is no longer used. In Japan however, these models are a big attraction. These models can appear in lingerie, bikinis or even one-piece swimsuits. That is why they are also called swimsuit models. Junko Kaieda is just one of those bikini models that are so beautiful because of her great legs, nice eyes and overall nice body. And she also looks like a mature adult and grown up. Some examples of gravure models in this category are Yoko Matsugane, Yukie Kawamura, Sayaka Isoyama, or even Yoko Mitsuya. But I will say that it is important for us to appreciate all women regardless of their race or background. And because we are on the topic of swimsuit models, I was fortunate enough to find a few awesome photos of this stunning Japanese model. 

junko kaieda japanese swimsuit
Junko is seen facing left in this photo. This is the first of three that I found of her dressed in a black one piece swimsuit.



Junko Kaieda was born on October 3, 1983 in Tokyo. Her zodiac sign is that of Libra. She is listed as five feet and six inches tall. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find much information about her.

junko kaieda image
Junko is showing her flexibility in this photo as she is most likely stretching herself. Nonetheless this is an amazing photo of her.

Some other Biographical information about Junko

  • Blood type: O
  • Bust: 98 cm.
  • Waist: 56 cm
  • Hips: 84 cm
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