Japanese Swimsuit Model Ayaka Noda


Who is Ayaka Noda for those that may be wondering?

Biographical facts about Ayaka Noda

ayaka noda
Japanese lingerie and swimsuit model Ayaka Noda looks like Ayaka Sayama here.
  • Her date of birth is February 5, 1988. (28 years of age)
  • Her name at birth was Noda Ayaka.
  • She was born in Japan.
  • Her ethnicity is Asian.
  • Her zodiac sign is that of Aquarius.
  • Ayaka is a model and gravure idol.
  • She stands at five feet and four inches tall.
  • Her waist size is 58 centimeters.

Here are some other statistics about Ayaka:

  • Her hips are measured at 86 centimeters.
  • Her blood type is type A.
  • Ayaka was born in Saitama which is in the northern part of Japan.

Note: Saitama is the same area of Japan that Mayu Watanabe is from. That area has also given birth to Yoko Mitsuya who is now 31 and still one of my favorite bikini idols!


Ayaka is one of the many gravure or swimsuit models that are found throughout Japan. She looks like she is really fit and she is of above average height for a Japanese model.

She is not short but she is taller than many Japanese models. Whatever she has done seems to be working because she is very sexy and cute. She has appeared in a one-piece swimsuit for the misty gravure idol collection, similar to Saki Yamaguchi! For more information about this topic, check out the photo shoot that Isoyama Sayaka did for Sabra Magazine! I did a post about Sayaka Isoyama before and for those of you who like bikini idols that have lots of sex appeal, she’s one of them. Or if you really want to be turned on, check out gravure idol Mami Matsuyama. Note: Sayaka Isoyama is a Japanese Supermodel that has also studied English.

Gravure idols are Japanese models that do modeling usually for men’s magazines and they release photo books or DVD’s of their modeling work. Gravure idols usually start to work in this industry in their teenage years and they usually do this kind of job until their late 20s. Some of them such as Aki Hoshino continue to model into their 30s. Despite what some people may believe, gravure idols do not engage in nudity or become porn stars but instead, they appear in bikinis, swimsuits or lingerie doing a series of photo shoots throughout their careers. These Japanese supermodels also try to present an image of being very sexy. This is done with the purpose of entertaining their male fans. When this site was first starting, I wrote about gravure idol Yoko Matsugane who is consistently ranked as one of Japan’s top gravure idols. Also, Harumi Nemoto, 35, of Chiba Prefecture is one of the hottest gravure idols in the industry. Chiba Prefecture is also where Atsuko Maeda is from. Maeda also achieved superstar status when she was selected as Japan’s most searched celebrity in 2012. I think that Noda looks like bikini idol Ayaka Sayama. What do you think? But I think she looks more like Eri Kamei (ex-Morning Musume member) Kamei herself is really beautiful too! I did a tribute post for Risa Niigaki and she has done modeling of her own! but before we end this post, take a look at a beautiful photo of Ayaka Noda from Young Sunday Visual Web issue #626!

ayaka noda swimsuit pic


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