Japanese supermodels and the holiday season

Japanese supermodels and the holiday season

japanese supermodels 2013

Here is a special post about Japanese supermodels. It will focus on something that most of us may not think about.

Whenever you think about something you feed it energy. And the more energy that you feed it, the more it grows.”

A friend of mine said those words to me a few years ago when we were having lunch together.

It seems that the more I search on the Internet that the more information that I discover about Japanese supermodels and Japanese culture in general. The latest discovery that I have made is that I have found out about ways to relax at home during winter and especially the holidays. You could just sit at home and get really cozy next to a heater.  As a side note, it has been quite chilly here in Los Angeles for the past week but I am enjoying this cooler weather. Or I have a wonderful surprise for all of you. You could check out some of the nice Japanese bikini models. Can you name a few of your favorites? Do you enjoy supermodels with bigger than average breasts? If so, look no further than Yoko Matsugane or Saori Yamamoto. If you like supermodels that have a cute look about them, some examples could be Saori Yoshikawa, Ai Shinozaki, or even pop singer Miki Fujimoto who I think is an absolute darling!! She has also done photo shoots in bikinis. Or if you really want to see supermodels that are just plain sexy or really beautiful all-around, a few examples of this are Sayuki Matsumoto or Yoko Mitsuya. Mitsuya Yoko as she is known in Japan, turned 29 in November.  But in August 2012, she also took a bold step in her career, releasing a photo book in which she appears nude.

japanese supermodels 2013
Japanese supermodels like Yoko Mitsuya are enormous in number in Japan. This quality photo is from her photo book Skin Ship.

Japanese gravure or bikini model Yoko Mitsuya (Mitsuya Yoko of Saitama, Japan).

The above quote briefly describes how the Law of Attraction works. When you have a prolonged thought about something, that thing which you are thinking about and focusing on receives your energy. As you feed that thought more energy, the more that the thought grows and something will manifest in your life from that thought. The above quote also should give you the motivation to try your best to make sure to feed your subconscious mind the right energy and thoughts. And it is this right energy and these thoughts that have allowed me to relate this content to the niche on my website. Have a great day or evening wherever you may be as we are heading into 2014 in just a few weeks and I am so grateful for all of my loyal subscribers and readers!


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