Japanese Pop Music Singer Ai Takahashi


Ai Takahashi or Takahashi, Ai is a Japanese pop music singer who became involved in the popular all female band Morning Musume. The most common nickname given to her is Ai-Chan.

Ai Takahashi Statistics

  • Birthplace; Sakai, Fukui, Japan
  • Birthdate: September 14, 1986
  • Height is 153 centimeters
  • Has one younger sister
  • Blood type is A
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • She is able to keep her anger inside of her.
  • The bear is her favorite animal.
  • Her favorite colors are red and pink.
  • Her hobbies and special skill consist of watching movies and plays and making candy.
  • Her favorite phrase is “Yes we can!”
  • She changed her hair color to black in February 2012.


Ai Takahashi got her start in the entertainment industry back in 2001 when she joined the famous female pop music group Morning Musume as part of the band’s fifth generation of members. The lineup was as follows:

Ai Takahashi

Asami Konno

Makoto Ogawa

Risa Niigaki

The Career of Ai Takahashi

Her first collaboration with the band came when she sang on the single Mr. Moonlight Ai No Big Band. Her first appearance on a full length release was on the album 4th Ikimasshoi! This album has now sold the second most number of copies at 515,400. The next year 2002 was a quiet year for Takahashi as she didn’t do very much. The label called Hello! Project that she became signed to had a subgroup called Happy 7. Takahashi became of the lead singers for the group’s single that year.

In 2003, Takahashi replaced Mari Yaguchi in a smaller group which was based on Morning Musume called Mini Moni. At this time, non-Japanese fans gave her the nickname Takitty which came from the fact that she wore a cat suit with a tail in the movie based on the group’s name but it is too long so I won’t list that here. In 2004, Takahashi improved her voice and sang on the last Mini Moni album called MiniMoni Songs 2.

In 2005, Morning Musume released their first single of that year called The Manpower. Later that year, Takahashi joined another group called Elegies. In 2006, Takahashi got a lead role in a musical called Ribbon No Kishi the Musical. She played the role of Sapphire. This musical starred many of the members of Morning Musume at that time. A short time later, she released her first and only single as of this writing. That single is called Yume Kara Samete. 2007 was a year of some changes within Morning Musume. Band leader Hitomi Yoshizawa departed the group in May 2007. Miki Fujimoto who had been the group’s sub leader then assumed the title of band leader. But this was short-lived as she resigned a month later from the group. Then Ai Takahashi took over as the leader of the band. In 2008, Takahashi became part of a newly created group called High King. This group was trying to promote Morning Musume’s musical Cinderella the Musical. Takahashi played the lead role in that musical. She and Risa Niigaki would star in a TV drama together.

In February 2009 Takahashi and Risa Niigaki became tied for the most singles that they sang in as part of Morning Musume.

Later that year, Takahashi was a huge supporter of getting Final Fantasy 8 released in Japan. In 2010, she had her own radio show. Takahashi then started to study English by using the PSP game Talkman. She starred in a dubbed version of the Korean drama Accidental Couple. In the Fall of 2011, Takahashi would graduate from Morning Musume. Risa Niigaki then became the band’s leader until her departure in May 2012. Takahashi then started her own blog and announced that she would be opening up her own Amoeba store. After an autumn concert tour, Takahashi then officially left Morning Musume after ten years with the group.

Ai Takahashi released her final photo book in July 2011. She was then names the Ambassador of her home town. Stay tuned for more news on this pop music beauty! All photos are from http://www.hellproject.com/images/Takahashi_Ai.

Update: I have just added another photo of Ai in a black bikini from her photo book called Mizu. Enjoy it for it was too good to not include.

ai takahashi image
Ai Takahashi in a stunning bikini. She looks totally sexy and awesome here!!
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