Isoyama Sayaka sexy Sabra Magazine photo shoot

Isoyama Sayaka sexy Sabra Magazine photo shoot

The sexiest photo of this photo shoot features Isoyama looking very beautiful, elegant, and mature.

Bikini model and actress Isoyama Sayaka is once again making a name for herself and establishing her fame in the Japanese entertainment industry. In January 2013, she made an appearance in the famous men’s magazine called Sabra, the same magazine that actress Saki Aibu had been featured in back in 2008. In this photo shoot, she not only appears in lingerie but she also sizzles with beauty in an amazing red dress and she looks extremely elegant and mature. Isoyama started to get famous when she made an appearance in the TV show Second House in 2006. She is the ambassador for her hometown of Ibaraki. Ibaraki is also the same place where bikini model Yoko Matsugane is from. Isoyama Sayaka speaks English in addition to her native language Japanese. She took a test sponsored by the Society for Testing English Proficiency and she ended up scoring in the third level out of five points. On this scale, 1 is the highest number a person can get. Isoyama Sayaka was born on October 23, 1983. There are a few other Japanese celebrities that are famous and know how to speak English. Those people are Saki Aibu and Misako Yasuda. Here is Isoyama during a photo shoot at the beach! I don’t know what year this was done but she looks pretty awesome!

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